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The first week of August

..has been exactly what I needed!
I still haven’t made a workout plan for the month that I want to follow, I’ve only made a little plan in my head. It’s hard to make a day-to-day workout plan to follow when you live somewhere with weather this unpredictable. I mean, this week the weather report has been so off it has gotten to the point where it’s pissing people off. I’m not saying we’ve only had bad weather, not at all! Most days has started out really nice and sunny then in the afternoon it gets grey and rainy.
Good thing a little unstable weather can’t stop me from having a great run-week! My main thing this week was to get back into a good running routine and hopefully feel like my shape is starting to get back to where it’s supposed to be. All the runs were pretty similar. The old railroad path to the end and back. Every now and then I changed it up a little, added some hill training, but I always did the same old railroad path. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday/today. I wasn’t supposed to take a rest day on Saturday, but the weather was insane in the morning and I had plans the rest of that day.. Five out of seven days isn’t bad though! My shape is starting to get back to what I want aswell. The difference from Monday to today at the same distance is approximately 10 minutes! Which is awesome! I don’t think I could have dreamt of better progress this first week. Hopefully I’ll keep up this when I drag my KMs to double digits again.
August runs
I won’t be making a day-to-day plan to follow this week either, but I will be making a little week plan with daily do’s and week goals that I’ll be posting tomorrow.

Have you had a good weekend?
Do you have any fitness goals for August?

Marie Alessandra

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Short run-week recap.

Three times a week‘ she said, ‘being consistent‘ she said. It’s still a work in progress.
Take a quick look at the photo below – this is what my week has looked like. Not a great run-week for me.. I’ve been so stressed out all week, I need to stop making too many plans at the same time. You see this mirrored in my runs. Being stressed and tired doesn’t  The run I’m the most happy with this week is the short 3.02 km run I did with my mom on Friday. Which is a little weird to me, because normally I’m not happy with a run unless it’s at least ‘so and so’ long. The reason I’m so happy with our short run is because Friday was a day where I really didn’t want to go out and run. I felt so *in lack of a better word* blah. Just blah and gross. I checked the app I’m using to track my runs and decided to take a look at the challenge of the month. My mom and I have been doing this fun little motivation thing for 2 months now; we have a challenge on who can run the most km in a month (the app let you make your own fitness challenges and challenge whoever you want). Anyway, I checked out our challenge page and realized I was only 2 km away from reaching 100 km this month and I automatically needed to reach at least those 100 km. Even though I now knew I was going to run I still struggled to get out the door. We’ve all been there, right? Haha! That’s when I asked my mom if she would help me get through this super short run. She came with me and that’s how I was able to do that run.
This weeks runs
It’s nice to feel happy with a run for other reasons than just the distance or time. But trust and believe, once I’m back from my vacation I’ll be chasing times again and train harder than ever before.

Today it’s only one week left until my dad and I are going to New York again. I am so excited! It’s my favorite place on earth, it’s a place that calms me and makes me happy. New York inspires me. I love it so much! To me traveling makes it easier to organize my thoughts and forget about stupid and stressful things that doesn’t really matter. It’s almost like a cleanse. Now I’m rambling, haha! I hope everyone has had a great week! Good night.

What are you doing this summer?
Do you make “post vacation workout plans” before going too?

Marie Alessandra


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Good sweaty week

I am very happy with how this week has been. Sure, my plans haven’t gone exactly as I’ve wanted every single day, but my diet was on point Monday to Friday (stupid Saturday and today) and I have had 4 good runs this week. One of the things I need to get better at is drinking water. I have not been drinking enough water this week, not even close. Every time I’m thirsty I find myself pouring Pepsi Max into my glass instead of killing my thirst with water. So now I have to say goodbye to my beloved diet soda once again. That’s the only way I know I can do it, I’m not one of those people who are good at sticking to 1 glass a day or “just weekends”. So, starting right now, I am no longer drinking diet soda! I also need to get better at remembering to do my crunches every day and to go for a walk the days I’m not running. Other than that the week has been great.
Wednesday was warm and sunny. I am trying to do a long run each week now, and I figured this day would be perfect for that. I never really know where to run when I go for a long run because I’m so used to my regular routes and in my head that’s the only place possible to run. I started running my regular route, then over a bridge to the other side of the river. First I took to the right. I have never been on that path before and I thought that maybe it would be long enough to make it a long run. Even though it was a really nice path I was very wrong about the lenght of it. So I turned around and ran towards the city. Over another bridge, then back up in the direction I started. In the end it was only 16,45 km, but that’s long enough for me.
I don't sweat, I sparkle!
On Thursday I was supposed to go for a morning run, but because I woke up waaay too late to do a morning run I went for an evening run instead. I was surprised by how warm it still was even though it was pretty late in the day. It’s not like I’m one of those people who can work out for hours without getting sweaty, I sweat like crazy when I run, but I’m not used to having sweat literally drip down from my face. My collarbones turned into little ponds, haha! Hopefully soon I’ll get back to my regular early mornings, I really don’t like waking up late. If every morning can be like Tuesday from now on I’ll be very very happy.
Run with dad
Saturday was great! My dad and I went for our first trail training run together. La Sportiva Table Rock 10k is getting closer and closer now, so we really need to do more of these trail runs together. We drove up to Årkvisla, where there are a bunch of different paths to choose from. This was my first time running in this area and it was fun to run somewhere new. I wasn’t feeling too great so we had to take a few walk breaks, but next time I promise I will do a lot better. I’m already looking forward to our next run together.

Today we’re only 4 weeks away from our trip to San Francisco, and I am so freakin’ excited! I want to start packing right now, haha.

Do you have any fun plans for the summer?
Are you good at getting enough water?

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