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List of the week, Walking with Mari & Crampy runs.

I said I would post my little week plan with daily do’s and week goals on Monday. That was yesterday and I didn’t post anything. And it wasn’t because I forgot to, it was simply because I was too lazy to make the list between working out, hanging out with Mari, work, and cooking/eating. I honestly wasn’t too sure what plans/goals I would set for this week, but I do feel like I was able to make a decent list.
Daily do's & Week Goals
Today has been a nice workout day! I already knew I wanted to go for a run today. So I woke up, had my breakfast, waited two hours and then went for a run. It started out great and then I got cramps for no reason. Same thing happened on Monday so I figured it would turn out pretty much the same way as then – I turned around at the 2 KM mark and the cramps stopped when I was just a couple minutes away from my house. Great. Not today, Satan, not today! So I just kept going. The cramps came and went, then came back and it just kept going like that for a little while, before they finally stopped. Not sure what that’s all about (the cramps I mean), but hopefully I never get them again so I don’t need to figure it out either, hah! Anyway, the run was obviously not one of my better runs.. But on the happy side of it all I actually bothered to check my phone because I started to walk at some point and guess what?! A text from Mari asking me if I wanted to go for a walk with her. Of course I wanted to do that! So I replied that if she could wait 30 minutes I’d love to join the walk. So I hurried home, changed into some less sweaty clothes, then went out for our walk. We walked for almost 2 hours – walking, talking, catching a couple Pokémon. Perfect walk with one of my best friends.
run and walk
This is a random fact you probably didn’t know: after every single run that isn’t on a treadmill and every walk I track I take a picture of myself, and if I’m with someone they will obviously also be in the picture. It probably sounds a bit weird, but it helps me remember the run/walk a lot better when I look back at my workout history in the app I use – how the weather was, how I was feeling that day, if I was with someone; what we talked about, and a lot of different things I enjoy looking back at. These pictures are not always the most flattering ones, but they are always filled with memories.

What are some of your plans and/or goals for the week?
Do you like looking back at and “re-live” your workouts?
Marie Alessandra

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Long run, Sunburn & Planning

Once again I have a lot to say, haha!

This week has been so much fun. On Monday I had work, nothing special about that day. Tuesday was  a little different, things actually happened. After work on Tuesday my mom and I went to pick up Alaska at the vet. It ain’t easy being a long-haired cat, his fur had gotten so matted that the vet had to shave him. So now my little eskimo has become a nudist, haha. Still super cute though, he doesn’t seem to mind at all. I also finally got to see the season 7 finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and I am really happy that Violet won. On Wednesday I went to a friend that I haven’t seen in years. We spent pretty much the whole day together. I had a great time and it was so fun seeing her again after so long.
On Thursday I went for a long run by myself. I had already planned it in my head the day before; run from my boyfriend’s place to my parents’ house. This route takes me from one side of the city to the other and then some, haha. So I started running my regular route before I took the bridge over to the other side of the river and kept going into the city. Running through the city isn’t that bad, the path next to the river goes all the way to the “end” of the city, and when you get there you can pick and choose roads after what you feel like that day.
I chose to run the timber terminal. Ran though that place and kept going towards my main challenge for the day. Gullaugkleiva. Which is basically a steep hill that I am not the biggest fan of, haha! Up, up, up we went, then finally I got to the parking lot at the end of the old railroad. Yes, I had planned this run around this route just so I could end the run with the last kms at the old railroad. I love the old railroad.
The old railroad never disappoints when it comes to wildlife. Say hello to my new friend – Mr. Snake. No, I haven’t gotten over my intense fear of snakes, but when I saw this one I just had to stop and snap a quick picture. Mr. Snake was tiny and isn’t poisonous so I survived, haha. The whole run was 17 km. It was so much fun to finally do a long run again!
After some really nice days where I have actually spent a lot of time outside I shouldn’t be surprised by this. 2015, the year of the sunburn. I normally don’t burn, but this week I did. I’m not used to being pale and having skin that isn’t ready for the sun, I normally have a little bit of color all year round and actually bother going to the tanning salon if I start looking too pale for my comfort, but this winter I turned into a creepy see-through Scandinavian ghost. Guess I need to put that bottle of sunscreen in my bag, haha.. Red is the new tan, sshh! But hey, as soon as I stop looking like a lobster I’ll have a nice base tan.
Meal and Workout plan
Yesterday and this morning I spent some time putting together a meal & workout plan for the coming week (june 8th – 14th). Just so I have something to follow. I love making lists and plans like this, and I feel like it motivates me a bit more than just telling myself that I’m going to do this and that. I like having a schedule. We’re only 5 weeks away from San Francisco today and I want to make sure I spend these weeks well. I have a lot of morning runs to look forward to.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!
Did you do anything fun?

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