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List of the week, Walking with Mari & Crampy runs.

I said I would post my little week plan with daily do’s and week goals on Monday. That was yesterday and I didn’t post anything. And it wasn’t because I forgot to, it was simply because I was too lazy to make the list between working out, hanging out with Mari, work, and cooking/eating. I honestly wasn’t too sure what plans/goals I would set for this week, but I do feel like I was able to make a decent list.
Daily do's & Week Goals
Today has been a nice workout day! I already knew I wanted to go for a run today. So I woke up, had my breakfast, waited two hours and then went for a run. It started out great and then I got cramps for no reason. Same thing happened on Monday so I figured it would turn out pretty much the same way as then – I turned around at the 2 KM mark and the cramps stopped when I was just a couple minutes away from my house. Great. Not today, Satan, not today! So I just kept going. The cramps came and went, then came back and it just kept going like that for a little while, before they finally stopped. Not sure what that’s all about (the cramps I mean), but hopefully I never get them again so I don’t need to figure it out either, hah! Anyway, the run was obviously not one of my better runs.. But on the happy side of it all I actually bothered to check my phone because I started to walk at some point and guess what?! A text from Mari asking me if I wanted to go for a walk with her. Of course I wanted to do that! So I replied that if she could wait 30 minutes I’d love to join the walk. So I hurried home, changed into some less sweaty clothes, then went out for our walk. We walked for almost 2 hours – walking, talking, catching a couple Pokémon. Perfect walk with one of my best friends.
run and walk
This is a random fact you probably didn’t know: after every single run that isn’t on a treadmill and every walk I track I take a picture of myself, and if I’m with someone they will obviously also be in the picture. It probably sounds a bit weird, but it helps me remember the run/walk a lot better when I look back at my workout history in the app I use – how the weather was, how I was feeling that day, if I was with someone; what we talked about, and a lot of different things I enjoy looking back at. These pictures are not always the most flattering ones, but they are always filled with memories.

What are some of your plans and/or goals for the week?
Do you like looking back at and “re-live” your workouts?
Marie Alessandra

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Stupid tonsils & Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Last week winter finally arrived! When my mom and I went to the gym on Sunday January 3rd it started snowing and it’s been snowing every day after that. I don’t mind the snow, I actually really like it. The only thing I can’t stand is the cold. I know I have complained about this before, but I’ll say it again: my immune system is the worst. Every time there is just the smallest change in temperature I get sick. So obviously going from around 10° celsius one day to -10° the next means I’ll get sick. My tonsils had been bothering me ever since some time in December, but nothing like this. I skipped the run I had planned to do with my mom on Tuesday because my tonsils were so painful and my energy levels were low.
My tonsils have been a problem for me ever since I had mono when I was 15. I am 23 now, so that’s a long time. The only difference is that it hasn’t really gotten in the way too much of anything before, but after I started running it ruins a lot of training because I’m not always able to run when it gets too bad..
This time I’d had enough! Wednesday morning my brother drove me to the doctor. I told the doctor what the problem was and aksed if there was any possibility for me to have my tonsils removed. He looked at my throat for 2 seconds and then told me he’d send something over to the hospital and I’d have to wait for a letter from them. This was more than any other doctor I’ve ever been to with my tonsils have ever bothered to do, so I was extremely happy when I left. And just a couple days later I received the letter from the hospital! So now I have an appointment there on January 28th. I have no idea what will happen that day.. But I hope they’ll tell me that they will remove my tonsils and that it’ll happen either very soon after the 28th or some time in April – I really don’t want to miss out on Berlin Half Marathon just because of some stupid tonsils.
norwegian winter
Sunday was the best day of the week. One of my best friends, Mari, asked me if I wanted to go for a walk in the snow with her and her dog. I never say ‘no’ when she asks me that, so out in the snow we went! I hadn’t really done anything active all week because of my tonsils, so it felt really good to finally use my body again and actually run around a little. We had a lot of fun running back and forth with Kira (Mari’s dog), jumping around, almost falling, sometimes falling, pretty much doing the same stuff we did when we were 6, haha!
Playing with Kira
Yesterday was a little different. I had planned to run on my treadmill before work if my tonsils felt okay, but they didn’t so I didn’t run that morning.. Then at work they just got more and more painful, and the last 30 minutes of my shift I spent crying. That’s awkward.. Thank God I work with my boss on Mondays and that she is always really nice to me. She got me ice cold water and talked about random stuff to make me think about something else. After work my dad picked me up, we went to the grocery store where he got me soy chocolate milk, vegan yogurt, and some other things I’m able to swallow. Today I’ve just spent the day relaxing on the sofa with my boyfriend, watched stuff on Netflix, eaten yogurt, and played games on my phone. I feel so lazy when I don’t do anything and I hate that feeling, so hopefully my tonsils will get better soon so that I can actually do something again. I want to run!
Snow Gif
Is there any snow where you live?
Have you removed your tonsils? If yes, how was it?
I’m a little scared..
marie alessandra

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Walks, Getting lost on a run & Summer stuff.

I can’t stop talking about how excited I am for San Francisco. The countdown is coming to an end, we’re only 6 days away now. What I talked about earlier, how I have to eat healthy and stay active to be happy.. It’s been going great. I feel a lot happier again, and I can proudly say I fit into my shorts again. Haha, I was just bloated and full of water so it’s not like I’ve lost a bunch of fat in a week or something, but I feel so much better now. And to me that’s the most important thing. These last couple of days has been great!
summer salads
Thursday was a nice day. Extremely warm, but that was just a plus. I started the day with a nice little walk with my boyfriend. We were originally going to just sit at the swings at this school close to his appartment, but when we got there we saw that there were construction work going on and all the swings etc. were gone for right now. Oh well, we didn’t mind too much and just decided to walk around instead. It was nice. He isn’t the most active person so it’s always fun when he does stuff like that with me, haha. Later the same day I drove over to my friend Amy for a short visit. We went for a short walk too, and when we got back to her house we made smoothies and salads.
Mari and Kira
After work on Friday I had originally planned to go for a run, but right when I was about to get ready for my run I got a text from my friend Mari asking me if I wanted to go for a walk with her. Yes! I was so tired after work, so a walk suited me a lot better than a run anyway. She came over with her dog Kira, and we started walking. The old rail road, up in the woods, to the lake, down back another way to the old rail road, then back home. Kira was so happy when we got to the lake and was quick to jump into the water, haha! I would too if I was a dog in this weather. Heck, dog or not, I would probably have jumped in too if I had brought a bikini! Later the same evening I got her to join me on a “steal some strawberries” mission, haha! We live very close to a bunch of strawberry fields, no one really cares if we take a few (or a box and a bucket, ssh!).
View on our run
Saturday, July 4th. Happy 4th of July to all Americans, and happy birthday to Queen Sonja (the Norwegian Queen)! My dad and I had a trail run planned again. We didn’t really have the best of luck on this run though..
First we drove to Austad and parked, then my dad realized he had forgotten his phone at home so we drove back to get it. 2nd try, we were ready. Shortly after we started running I was exhausted and my breathing was not going great. We got to the top of this long hill, and my stomach was not happy. I felt like I was either going to throw up or crap my pants, maybe both, who knows.. Not fun. We just had to wait it out. After a while my stomach finally stopped rebelling and we could finally keep going. We were now supposed to do a short 4 km lap then go down the hill again, but that is not what happened. I’m not sure where we got lost, but boy did we get lost! After a long time we got out of the woods and saw some houses. We were in Skoger! I know that doesn’t mean anything to people who don’t live here, but let’s just say; it’s far from where we were supposed to be, haha! At least now we knew which direction we had to take back. So we followed the road for a bit before we went back on a path into the woods. Still didn’t have much clue as to where we were compared to where we were supposed to be, or how far away we were. The GPS didn’t let us see the map either. So annoying. In the end we finally found a sign leading us in the right direction. 2 hours and 12 minutes later we were back to where we started. It was more of a walk-hike-run than anything, but it was still nice. What was supposed to be a 8 km run turned into a 14.1 km survival game, HAHA! At least we had great weather and a good workout.
Smoothies and drawing
This week I’ve been falling back in love with smoothies and drawing. Smoothies are so great in the summer. I very often find myself having trouble finding something good to eat when it’s warm, so a cold smoothie full of my favorite fruits is just what I need for those days! My smoothies are probably a bit boring though considering I’m not the biggest fan of fruits (I prefer vegetables). But hey, if it’s not broken why fix it? I’ve also started drawing a little again. I always draw, but I’m back to doing my realistic work (I know the picture doesn’t look very realistic, haha, but that’s just how it looks in the start phase! If I ever finish the drawing I’ll show you a photo of the end result). Drawing is probably my favorite thing next to running. I know I’m good at it and no one can take that away from me (unless you’re some sick freak who likes to shop people’s hands off). I love it!

Walks with my friends and my boyfriend, run with my dad, stealing strawberries, a bunch of smoothies, drawing, perfect weather. This is what a good summer week is all about, isn’t it? At least to me.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?
What are some of the things that make you happy in the summer?

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