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Flight to Happiness

So many things has been flying around in my head these last few weeks.. Some good, some bad, mostly confusion. I’m not saying it’s all bad. This week has been really great on the health front. Both diet and activety has been on point for the most part! I’ve been running, I’ve been walking, I’ve even done some pilates ab workout videos at home. I’m finally back in the zone!

This morning a friend picked me up at home and went to the gym with me. I think it’s a lot easier to go to the gym when you’re not alone (and not just because I don’t drive, haha!). It’s kind of weird to be back on a treadmill for a run longer than 20 minutes, but I’ll get used to it again soon. I knew I wouldn’t be able to run a full 60 minute run on the treadmill today so I just threw in some intervals here and there and allowed myself walk breaks whenever I absolutely needed them. 60 minutes of that, followed with 15 minutes where I just walked. I was exhausted! Ended my workout with 50 sloppy crunches and some random stretching. Even though this probably doesn’t sound like an A+ workout I would rate it as so! I was sweating buckets and I was happy, and that is pretty much what I needed this Saturday morning.
Oslo - Berkeley
I am so happy that I’m going to Berkeley to visit Mari on Tuesday! Nothing can cure a messy mind like the comfort of traveling half way around the world and hanging out with one of your best friends in the whole world. Am I right?! I am so relatable sometimes. I’m planning on having a very healthy and happy trip. Not as in “I will not be eating anything unhealthy” or “I will treat this trip as a bootcamp”, not at all! I will be eating unhealthy things and I will be relaxing a lot. But I do plan on eating mostly healthy and I will be going on walks and such with Mari. She has a gym membership with Berkeley Rec Sports so I’ll probably purchase a day pass there a couple days aswell. We’ll see. The main thing for me (other than visiting Mari, of course) is to focus fully on myself and what makes me happy, because I truly need that right now.

Things are changing and that’s okay. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!
Marie Alessandra


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I miss my vacation

Hello world!
It’s been a while now, I really didn’t mean to wait so long to write something. But I just didn’t have time to blog when we were in New York, and when I got home I was in a really bad mood and I really didn’t want to do anything. I’ve been back in Norway now for almost 2 weeks, and to be honest; I’m still not happy about it. It was nice to see my mom and my brother again, my boyfriend, my cat and my friends. But I miss the States. I had such a great time! I still have many days I need to write about from my time in San Francisco, but I promise that will come very soon. I have so many pictures I want to share with all of you!
Some San Francisco Favorite MomentsHere’s a little taste of what you have to look forward to. More exploring, Alcatraz trip, drag show, my new friend, run over Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, exploring Castro, Muir Woods, Morgan McMichaels, Golden Gate Park. And of course a little something-something about my time in New York aswell.
More San Francisco FavoritesI’m going to start writing about running again too, of course! Don’t worry. It took some time before I went for my first run again after I came back to Norway because post-vacation depression (as I like to call it, haha) hit me hard and the weather was pretty much the same as my mood: sad. But I’m back in a good running routine now, I’m back to a healthy diet and my mood is almost back to normal. So yes, very soon I’ll be back to posting more stuff about my running aswell. Oh, and Richard at The Running Schlub nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award so I’ll post my answers to that very soon too as soon as possible. I have a lot to do, haha! This was just a super quick post to let you know I’m still here, I just got back from a run so now I have to jump in the shower.

How has your summer been? What did you do, where did you go, tell me everything!
What are your favorite travel destinations?

Marie Alessandra

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Sausalito, Japantown & Night bus to Treasure Island

So much for being good at blogging here in San Francisco and writing every single day, haha! I really want to try to write about every day here, so this is how I’ll do it, I’ll just have to write about each day whenever I have time. This is the post for Tuesday, July 14th, Day 2 in San Francisco.
We jumped on the tourist bus to get over to the other side of Golden Gate Bridge.
I didn’t mind seeing all these places again, I spottet a bunch of things I didn’t see the first time.
When we got to the other side of Golden Gate Bridge we got on another bus that would take us to Sausalito.
Before we went to Sausalito the bus driver stopped at Fort Baker so people could take some nice photos of the bridge. She took this photo of me and my dad.
Sausalito was a nice little place. Didn’t spend a lot of time there, we knew we were going to go back there the day we were going to run over the Golden Gate Bridge, so we saved the exploring of this place for that day.
After Sausolito we went back to San Francisco and decided to start walking towards Japantown. On the way there I spotted my dream house. Isn’t it just perfect? The people who live here are so lucky!
Japantown was great!
I bought a bunch of cute little Japanese things, haha. After Japantown we went back to the hotel for a quick stop before we headed out again for Fisherman’s Wharf to take the night bus tour.
The night bus tour was great. We drove around and got to see a bunch of places they didn’t show us on the day time ride.
By the end of the ride they drove over to Treasure Island. By now I was way too cold to care, but it was still very nice. Too bad there was so much fog, we weren’t able to see the Golden Gate Bridge.
We ended our day with a late pizza dinner. I was so cold after the bus ride it was nice to get something warm to eat. I also ordered hot chocolate because I needed something warm to drink before we got our food – the waitress looked at me like I was crazy haha. I get it though, who orders hot chocolate with pizza? I almost fell asleep at the table before we got our food, I was just so cold and tired. Had a couple slices and got the rest in a box to bring back to the hotel.

Marie Alessandra
(San Francisco time: 8:30 in the morning)

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I’m in San Francisco!

Hi! I had planned on being good at blogging on this trip. I was supposed to write something the day I arrived, but that didn’t happen because I was too tired after the 12 hour long plane ride. And what I am about to write about was supposed to be written yesterday, but I am a bit jetlagged and was way too tired to write anything when we got back to the hotel. But now it’s morning and I am not too tired to write!

First I want to show you our hotel room. I love it! It’s huge! Here you see the livingroom/my dad’s bedroom (haha!).
The hotel room
Here you see the kitchen, my bedroom, and the bathroom. I think my favorite thing about this whole place is the shower. Yes, that is probably weird but if you had seen the shower you’d agree!
Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom
Yesterday we woke up super early (somewhere between 3-4 in the morning, I blame the jetlag), had breakfast and got ready for a day of exploring. The first thing we did was buy a 7-day card for buses, trains, etc. Then we got on a Cable Car to get to Fisherman’s Wharf.
San Frarncisco
At Fisherman’s Wharf we picked up our bus tickets for the tourist buses and our tickets for Alcatraz. We figured why waste any time, so we got on the first bus we saw and started our fun tourist day.
Big Bus SFSan Francisco
We sat on the bus for a while, just enjoying the view of San Francisco. I can’t remember the names of all the places, but we saw some of Chinatown, Union Square Park, the Asian Art Museum, Haight Street, Golden Gate Park, the Japanese Tea Garden.
San Francisco
I love being on these tourist bus rides, haha. It might be geeky, but it’s a great way to see more of the place you’re visiting.
San Francisco
And we drove over Golden Gate Bridge to Vista Point North. It was so much warmer on the other side of the bridge, it was so weird!
Golden Gate Bridge
We went back to the San Francisco side of the bridge again and kept driving. By now my dad and I had started to get a little bit hungry and decided to jump of the bus once we got closer to the hotel. We couldn’t be bothered with having lunch out today so we just had a bagel lunch at the hotel. It was nice though, I love bagels! After we had eaten we went out again and jumped on a bus back to Fisherman’s Wharf.
down by the water
We walked to Pier 39 where all the sea lions are hanging out. They were so cute!
Sea lions
We walked around at Pier 39 for a while, before we headed over to the Aquarium.
Pier 39
The Aquarium was pretty cool. They had a bunch of different sharks, turtles, snakes and otters too, but I didn’t get any nice pictures of them..
After the Aquarium we started walking towards Coit Tower.
San Francisco
We took the Stairs of Telegraph Hill up. So many stairs! It was awesome! I should have filmed the whole way up, haha. These are the Filbert Steps.
Filbert Steps
Halfway up, this place reminded me so much of Haut de Cagnes in France.
San Francisco
We were supposed to walk to the top of Coit Tower, but the line was too long so we just walked back down the stairs again. It was really nice up there though, we got a great view over the city.
San Francisco
On our way down I spotted some houses I thought looked really cute.
SF Houses
We decided to walk to Chinatown. I think we walked through the “Little Italy” of San Francisco at one point on our way because there were Italian flags and colors painted everywhere (forgot to take a photo of that though).
San Francisco
Then we got to Chinatown. It was a long street full of random little Chinese stores everywhere, with beautiful Chinese lamps hanging over our heads through the whole street. This was the first place I found something to buy on the trip, haha. We’re planning on going back there one day when it’s darker because I imagine it will be a lot nicer there when it’s dark – with all the lamps and everything.
Chinatown SF
After Chinatown we were starving so we found a sushi place called Maru Sushi to eat something. My dad had a mix plate with a bunch of different stuff, and I had Avocado rolls and Shitake Maki (mushroom). First time I try something other than avocado or cucumber rolls! It was delicious. When we had finished eating we decided to end the day with a little bit of shopping (at my request, haha!). San Francisco is a lot colder than I had imagined so I really needed some more warm clothes (ssh, I only brought 1 pair of jeans and 1 hoodie). I found a couple things and was happy with that. Before heading back to the hotel we went to our grocery store, Sutter Fine Foods (yes, now it’s become OUR grocery store, it’s our 2nd time there, we pretty much own it by now, don’t you think?) to buy some water, snacks and breakfast for the next day. Then we headed back to the hotel, I was exhausted and fell asleep very quickly.

Today we are going to do some more exploring of the city, take the bus to Sausolito, and we’re planning on going on the night bus tour. I’m excited! It’s a foggy day, but I don’t mind. That’s just a part of San Francisco. I am falling in love with this place.

Marie Alessandra
(I think the blog saves this in Norwegian time, so I’ll just add what time it is in SF right now, it’s 09:05 in the morning)

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