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When you need motivation

To me running is fun and I have a great time doing it. But some days I’m just not feeling it. There are a lot of reasons as to why you don’t want to work out and need some extra motivation. Most of the time the hardest step is to actually get out the door, then once you get out and start running you no longer understand why you had trouble getting out in the first place. Here is a list of things I could think of that might help you those days when the doorstep mile feels a lot longer than normal.

  1. Buy new shoes or clothes.
    I personally like to do this every now and then. When I buy a new pair of shorts I can’t wait to get out and wear them for a run!
  2. Remember why you run.
    Whether it’s because you’re trying to get the “dream bod”, you’re training for a race, or it’s just your therapy. Remembering why you do this will make it a lot easier to get past that horrid doorstep mile on days you’re just not feeling it.
  3. Running is therapy.
    If I feel like too much is going on around me or if I feel like there’s a lot of chaos in my head I always feel better when I put on my running shoes, get my pulse going, breathe in all the fresh air, and sweat. This is also great if you’re angry/pissed off because then you’ll need to get that anger out somehow, which to me has often resulted in random PBs.
  4. Be happy you CAN run.
    I was never good at thinking this way, but after I had surgery and couldn’t run for a long long time I have started to appreciate it a lot more. Not everyone can think back to a time when they couldn’t run for a longer period because of a surgery or similar stuff, but most people have experienced a cold or something that has forced them to take a few extra days off from running. It’s equally as annoying, so think back to that time and you’ll most likely think “I should get out and run now just in case I’ll get sick in the near future”.
  5. Listen to music.
    Sometimes a run will be easier if you listen to music while running. Make a new playlist on your phone, put on your headphones and go for a run! What I like to do is look for new songs from different countries.
  6. Set goals.
    If you have a goal to, let’s say, run 100 km in a month. Then you have to run to reach that goal. If there’s only 1 day left of the month and you still need 8 km to reach your goal then it’s not that hard to get through that 8 km run even though it might be raining outside, it’s only 8 km after all.
  7. Have a challenge with a friend.
    My mom and I have done this a few months now. We both use an app on our phones to track our runs and with that app you can challenge your friends. Our challenge has been “Who can run the most kms in a month?”. You can make your own challenges, it doesn’t need to be the same as ours, do what suits your own goals and workout plan.
  8. Reward yourself.
    For some this means “If I run today I can eat chocolate tonight” for others it means “If I crush my personal best time on 5K I’ll allow myself to buy new shoes”. Do what motivates you.
  9. Sign up for a race.
    Having something to train for other than your ego is awesome. Knowing I have a marathon to run at the end of November makes it more tolorable to run in the bad late fall weather or spend hours inside on a treadmill. You don’t have to sign up for a marathon, obviously. 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon, other. A race is a race and it’s all for fun.

Do you have any other tips on how to stay/get motivated?
What is your “go to” action to do whenever you need some extra motivation?

Marie Alessandra

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