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List of the week, Walking with Mari & Crampy runs.

I said I would post my little week plan with daily do’s and week goals on Monday. That was yesterday and I didn’t post anything. And it wasn’t because I forgot to, it was simply because I was too lazy to make the list between working out, hanging out with Mari, work, and cooking/eating. I honestly wasn’t too sure what plans/goals I would set for this week, but I do feel like I was able to make a decent list.
Daily do's & Week Goals
Today has been a nice workout day! I already knew I wanted to go for a run today. So I woke up, had my breakfast, waited two hours and then went for a run. It started out great and then I got cramps for no reason. Same thing happened on Monday so I figured it would turn out pretty much the same way as then – I turned around at the 2 KM mark and the cramps stopped when I was just a couple minutes away from my house. Great. Not today, Satan, not today! So I just kept going. The cramps came and went, then came back and it just kept going like that for a little while, before they finally stopped. Not sure what that’s all about (the cramps I mean), but hopefully I never get them again so I don’t need to figure it out either, hah! Anyway, the run was obviously not one of my better runs.. But on the happy side of it all I actually bothered to check my phone because I started to walk at some point and guess what?! A text from Mari asking me if I wanted to go for a walk with her. Of course I wanted to do that! So I replied that if she could wait 30 minutes I’d love to join the walk. So I hurried home, changed into some less sweaty clothes, then went out for our walk. We walked for almost 2 hours – walking, talking, catching a couple Pok√©mon. Perfect walk with one of my best friends.
run and walk
This is a random fact you probably didn’t know: after every single run that isn’t on a treadmill and every walk I track I take a picture of myself, and if I’m with someone they will obviously also be in the picture. It probably sounds a bit weird, but it helps me remember the run/walk a lot better when I look back at my workout history in the app I use – how the weather was, how I was feeling that day, if I was with someone; what we talked about, and a lot of different things I enjoy looking back at. These pictures are not always the most flattering ones, but they are always filled with memories.

What are some of your plans and/or goals for the week?
Do you like looking back at and “re-live” your workouts?
Marie Alessandra

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