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The first week of August

..has been exactly what I needed!
I still haven’t made a workout plan for the month that I want to follow, I’ve only made a little plan in my head. It’s hard to make a day-to-day workout plan to follow when you live somewhere with weather this unpredictable. I mean, this week the weather report has been so off it has gotten to the point where it’s pissing people off. I’m not saying we’ve only had bad weather, not at all! Most days has started out really nice and sunny then in the afternoon it gets grey and rainy.
Good thing a little unstable weather can’t stop me from having a great run-week! My main thing this week was to get back into a good running routine and hopefully feel like my shape is starting to get back to where it’s supposed to be. All the runs were pretty similar. The old railroad path to the end and back. Every now and then I changed it up a little, added some hill training, but I always did the same old railroad path. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday/today. I wasn’t supposed to take a rest day on Saturday, but the weather was insane in the morning and I had plans the rest of that day.. Five out of seven days isn’t bad though! My shape is starting to get back to what I want aswell. The difference from Monday to today at the same distance is approximately 10 minutes! Which is awesome! I don’t think I could have dreamt of better progress this first week. Hopefully I’ll keep up this when I drag my KMs to double digits again.
August runs
I won’t be making a day-to-day plan to follow this week either, but I will be making a little week plan with daily do’s and week goals that I’ll be posting tomorrow.

Have you had a good weekend?
Do you have any fitness goals for August?

Marie Alessandra

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