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The first week of August

..has been exactly what I needed!
I still haven’t made a workout plan for the month that I want to follow, I’ve only made a little plan in my head. It’s hard to make a day-to-day workout plan to follow when you live somewhere with weather this unpredictable. I mean, this week the weather report has been so off it has gotten to the point where it’s pissing people off. I’m not saying we’ve only had bad weather, not at all! Most days has started out really nice and sunny then in the afternoon it gets grey and rainy.
Good thing a little unstable weather can’t stop me from having a great run-week! My main thing this week was to get back into a good running routine and hopefully feel like my shape is starting to get back to where it’s supposed to be. All the runs were pretty similar. The old railroad path to the end and back. Every now and then I changed it up a little, added some hill training, but I always did the same old railroad path. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday/today. I wasn’t supposed to take a rest day on Saturday, but the weather was insane in the morning and I had plans the rest of that day.. Five out of seven days isn’t bad though! My shape is starting to get back to what I want aswell. The difference from Monday to today at the same distance is approximately 10 minutes! Which is awesome! I don’t think I could have dreamt of better progress this first week. Hopefully I’ll keep up this when I drag my KMs to double digits again.
August runs
I won’t be making a day-to-day plan to follow this week either, but I will be making a little week plan with daily do’s and week goals that I’ll be posting tomorrow.

Have you had a good weekend?
Do you have any fitness goals for August?

Marie Alessandra

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Spring cleaning my thoughts

As I mentioned in the previous post there has been a lot of stuff on my mind lately. This whole year so far has felt really messy to me. I constantly kept getting sick, I wasn’t able to stay positive or motivated for long enough to get back into a good healthy eating plan, I wasn’t able to run very much because of my throat, whenever I felt like things were going right I would get sick again. Then I finally had surgery. The time after I got my tonsils removed I obviously wasn’t allowed or able to be active, which gave me a lot of time to think. Normally thinking too much is bad for me becuase it gives me time to find (or create) flaws in whatever I’m thinking about. It started out like that this time too – I saw all the flaws with my life and myself. Like always I told myself I would change things and everything would fall into place once I could start doing stuff again. All the things I wanted to change and how I was going to do it was the main thing on my mind for the first weeks. Then I went to Berlin.
This is Berlin
What I haven’t already mentioned is that I am one of those people who are great at making plans, but I am also really good at coming up with reasons as to why I shouldn’t do the things that I planned. I kept having these thougths in Berlin too. What I wanted to change to make things better, how I would change those things, why I shouldn’t do whatever I came up with. But for some reason I was finally able to organize my thoughts quite well while we were walking around on German ground. And I’ve started to realize that one of the main reasons as to why I don’t do things that I feel like would make my life much more enjoyable is that I am scared that the outcome won’t be as I’ve hoped. I’m extremely scared of failure, therefore I stop myself before I even get the chance to try. What’s the worst that can happen? If the answer isn’t death and as long as it isn’t illegal, then it probably isn’t a big deal and you get a new chance. I know this is such a cliché, but Nike’s “Just do it” came to mind and all I could think was “Yes! Just do it! If there’s something I want to try or do then I’m just going to do it!”. And I don’t just mean big things like travel to places, quit a job, buy a house, etc. I mean everything! One of the little things I started with was to send a text to an old friend of me. She had put out a story on Snapchat from Australia and I was curious about what she was doing there, if she had moved there or what – instead of just leaving it at that and forget about it I sendt her a message and asked her what she was doing there and all that. Long story short, now I have a coffe date with a girl who used to be one of my best friends back in 2008-2010 that I haven’t seen in 3 years. I’ve done a bunch of little things like that now.
Asked people stuff, try things I want to try, wear something that I’m not sure looks nice, go for walks when I want fresh air even though it looks like it’s going to start to rain soon, just small random things like that. You might think this all sounds really silly, but guess what – taking a lot of small steps on my way to the bigger things will make it feel a lot smaller. As a runner I’ll compare it to marathon training – you start your training with short runs, then you run longer distances, then we do some short interval sessions here ande there, all of the sudden you’re doing really long training runs, and by the end of doing all these things for weeks then you have the race, the real thing, the main race: the marathon – which doesn’t feel too hard because you’ve been training for a long time, not only doing long runs but also quick intervals. Everything you do prepares you for something bigger. You get what I’m trying to say? Anyway, I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair for a really really long time now, but I haven’t done it because I keep thinking “what if it looks ugly, what if I regret it” what if, what if. So what, it grows out again! So this Friday (the 15th) I did it. I went to the hairdresser and had 12 inches (30 cm) cut off. And I couldn’t be happier! It feels great and I love it! The more you force yourself to just do whatever you want – the more natural it becomes to just do things without overthinking everything, and before you know it you no longer worry about stupid things.
This week I also finally started running and getting back into healthy eating again. Sure, running isn’t as easy as I want it to be right now. I have to walk a lot and I don’t run as fast as I’m used to. But hey, I’ll work myself back up to where I want to be in no time! I’ve done a few run-walk-run-walks and I’ve also been walking a lot when I couldn’t run. Right now I’m really just doing as much as my body allows me to. I signed up for a virtual race that I learned about from Karen. I was thinking about going for the 5K, but I figured that I wanted to challenge myself and go for the 10K instead. So that’s what I’m going to do. It’s going to be hard for me, considering I haven’t run 10 kilometers in forever, but I don’t mind. I love a good challenge. I think this is going to be fun because I didn’t get to run Berlin half marathon this year, so this is in some ways making up for that loss. I also have more races planned for the year, new ones finally! I’m really excited for that.
Now to the healthy eating part of this post. Honestly, this was one of the things I really wanted to go deep into with this post, but we’ll see how this goes. I don’t think I’ve told you this, but December was a really bad month for me – I came back from Italy and just felt sick after the marathon and I only bothered to eat easy Christmas stuff like chocolate and anything else that is bad for me. Then I went to London with a friend – continued to eat random and unhealthy while there. Came back home, more chocolate, Christmas, more unhealthy food, New Year’s, then this whole year has been a rollercoaster with messy eating, tonsil hell, not being able to work out, and just feeling worse and worse about myself. After this long with too little activity, too much bad foods and a messy eating schedule it’s quite obvious that I’ve gained some weight. I don’t really weigh myself very often because it’s so easy to get obsessed with the numbers and forget about the important thing, which is how healthy your body is and how happy you are – seriously, I will only step on a scale when I feel great about myself and when I know 100% that the number won’t affect my mood. I already knew I had gotten bigger and I was sure I had gained weight, but I got it confirmed after I had to weigh myself before the tonsillectomy. And I was not happy about it. And what do we do when we’re not happy with something? That’s right, we change it! It’s not like I’ve all of the sudden turned into a whale or that my clothes don’t fit anymore (a couple more pounds and I’m pretty sure I’d have to go up a size tho, haha!), but my body a lot softer and less toned than I am okay with. To be brutally honest I’ve been feeling the F-word lately. Fat. Yes, I said it, I’ve been feeling FAT. I’m not saying I AM fat, I know most people wouldn’t consider me as being fat – I know I’m not even close to being overweight, what I’m saying is that I weigh more than I’m personally okay with, I’m not as toned as I’m used to, and my jeans are not comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. I’m just trying to be honest here. And this makes me think about when I first started being healthy and got into running. Back 2013 when I came back from a trip to New York I changed my lifestyle completely (you already know this if you’ve read my About Me page). I wasn’t happy with my health or my body, so I decided to change it. My main thing was to eat healthy foods and eat at the right times. It worked then, so it’ll work now. So I’m just gonna follow in my own footsteps and do whatever I did back then again now.
I never ever thought I would share these pictures on my blog, but I guess this is the right time. This was me back in 2013 when I first started my healthy lifestyle. As you see a lot changed in a short amount of time. I don’t know what I weighed in either of these pictures – I believe that using pictures to track your progress is a lot smarter than using numbers because numbers don’t let you see how you look. If it wasn’t for these two pictures I wouldn’t know how much my body had changed. This took me 45 days (that’s 1 month & 2 weeks). The first 2 weeks I was eating healthy and doing crunches, after those 2 weeks I went for my first run, which made me add running to that list. So that’s 2 weeks of healthy eating and daily crunches, and 1 month of healthy eating, daily crunches, and running whenever I could. I wasn’t fat in the first picture, but I was soft (is that word starting to make sense to you now?) – then in the 2nd picture you see my tummy is a lot more toned and my thighs are a lot slimmer. So yes, I’m currently doing what I did back when I first started, doing what I know works. You don’t just learn from your mistakes, you also learn from your own success. I will probably be writing a lot more from now on because sharing things keep me motivated and I really enjoy writing about these things.
And I just want to give you all a little advice: don’t be anything you don’t want to be.

What do you think about my new hair?
Do you hold yourself back from doing things you want?
Are you getting any spring cleaning done aswell?

marie alessandra

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Meal prep for the week

I’ve been wanting to get back into meal prepping for a while now and I figured today would be a good day to start. I’m already very into the planning, so why not prep aswell? I wanted to make dinner for the next 4 days (Monday to Thursday). Dinner is the only meal I almost always struggle to make, this is the meal for me that will make of break a healthy day – simply because I am very lazy when it comes to cooking. For breakfast and lunch I normally just have something simple like oatmeal, crispbreads or protein pancakes. Then it’s dinner: “late”, time consuming (anything that takes me more than 10 minutes stresses me out if I’m hungry – I’m one of those people who feel hungry and need food right away), too many different things to choose from. That’s why dinners are my favorite meal to prep! I love the idea of not having to cook this meal every single day.
Meal prepping foods
This is what I needed for my meal prep this week: Whole grain tagliatelle, tofu “chicken” fillets, sweet potato, and frozen veggies.
Meal prepping
I started defrosting the veggies and browning the fillets in a frypan with some Pam spray. When the water for the pasta started to boil I threw in tagliatelle balls and let it boil for 6 min. I put the sweet potato in the microwave for 7 minutes and cut it in half once it was ready. Not sure why I felt like I needed to explain this, but I did and now you know, haha!
meal prep pasta sweet potato
meal prep veggies
And here is what came out of this! Four delicious and nutritious meals. Yum! I’m not sure how long it took me to finish cooking everything, but it wasn’t too long considering I made 4 full meals and my foods of choice isn’t the slowest cooking ones, haha. It was also a lot nicer to make dinner in the morning instead of evening because I don’t like cooking when it’s dark (I actually really enjoy cooking, but it has to be early and it has to be light outside). Once I get more into meal prepping again I’ll probably do breakfast and lunches aswell, but this is a good start.
meal prepping for runners
meal prepped and ready

Do you enjoy meal prepping?
What are you having for dinner today?

marie alessandra

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Long run, Sunburn & Planning

Once again I have a lot to say, haha!

This week has been so much fun. On Monday I had work, nothing special about that day. Tuesday was  a little different, things actually happened. After work on Tuesday my mom and I went to pick up Alaska at the vet. It ain’t easy being a long-haired cat, his fur had gotten so matted that the vet had to shave him. So now my little eskimo has become a nudist, haha. Still super cute though, he doesn’t seem to mind at all. I also finally got to see the season 7 finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and I am really happy that Violet won. On Wednesday I went to a friend that I haven’t seen in years. We spent pretty much the whole day together. I had a great time and it was so fun seeing her again after so long.
On Thursday I went for a long run by myself. I had already planned it in my head the day before; run from my boyfriend’s place to my parents’ house. This route takes me from one side of the city to the other and then some, haha. So I started running my regular route before I took the bridge over to the other side of the river and kept going into the city. Running through the city isn’t that bad, the path next to the river goes all the way to the “end” of the city, and when you get there you can pick and choose roads after what you feel like that day.
I chose to run the timber terminal. Ran though that place and kept going towards my main challenge for the day. Gullaugkleiva. Which is basically a steep hill that I am not the biggest fan of, haha! Up, up, up we went, then finally I got to the parking lot at the end of the old railroad. Yes, I had planned this run around this route just so I could end the run with the last kms at the old railroad. I love the old railroad.
The old railroad never disappoints when it comes to wildlife. Say hello to my new friend – Mr. Snake. No, I haven’t gotten over my intense fear of snakes, but when I saw this one I just had to stop and snap a quick picture. Mr. Snake was tiny and isn’t poisonous so I survived, haha. The whole run was 17 km. It was so much fun to finally do a long run again!
After some really nice days where I have actually spent a lot of time outside I shouldn’t be surprised by this. 2015, the year of the sunburn. I normally don’t burn, but this week I did. I’m not used to being pale and having skin that isn’t ready for the sun, I normally have a little bit of color all year round and actually bother going to the tanning salon if I start looking too pale for my comfort, but this winter I turned into a creepy see-through Scandinavian ghost. Guess I need to put that bottle of sunscreen in my bag, haha.. Red is the new tan, sshh! But hey, as soon as I stop looking like a lobster I’ll have a nice base tan.
Meal and Workout plan
Yesterday and this morning I spent some time putting together a meal & workout plan for the coming week (june 8th – 14th). Just so I have something to follow. I love making lists and plans like this, and I feel like it motivates me a bit more than just telling myself that I’m going to do this and that. I like having a schedule. We’re only 5 weeks away from San Francisco today and I want to make sure I spend these weeks well. I have a lot of morning runs to look forward to.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!
Did you do anything fun?

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Hello June!

It’s June, finally! Today is very special. Why? There’s so many reasons. It’s my half-birthday (I’m officially 22 and a half, haha!), it’s the first day of summer, it’s the final episode of Drag Race season 7 (still not sure who I want to win), we got to see Caitlyn Jenner for the first time.. Okay, so maybe it’s nothing that special about this day, but I love finding something unique about each day just to make life a little more fun. I love starting a new month, I’m one of those freaks who looks at it as a “new chapter”, and this one has started out great.

Short recap of last week: On Tuesday I went for a run with my mom. First run after the knee strain. My doctor had told me it would be fine again by Monday, so in my head that was 100% how it would be. It wasn’t. I didn’t feel any pain in the beginning when we were running flat, but when things got hilly the pains were back. After the very long hill we only had 3,5 km left before we were home so it wasn’t too bad, plus it was slight downhill and flat the rest of the way home. My knee wouldn’t let me run the whole way so we had to take a few walk breaks, but that’s okay, better safe than sorry. After that I just took a break in hopes that my knee would “heal”. Yesterday I went for a short run by myself to see how my knee was feeling. It was okay, I still felt some pain every now and then but it wasn’t so bad that I had to stop running or anything. I was actually very surprised by how well the run went. Not because of the knee, but every time I take days off from running I imagine I’ll lose all my fitness and whatever, haha. News flash: A couple days of rest doesn’t hurt.

Some of my goals for this month is to run a lot more. And I mean A LOT! I think I’ve mentioned this earlier but I haven’t been feeling too great about myself lately and the only thing I know helps me when it comes to these thoughts are running and being healthy. So I am also going to do my best at being really healthy and make smarter choises when it comes to food. I am already kind of back to my good old healthy ways, but it’s never a bad idea to put extra focus on it anyway. I also need to start with my daily crunches again, I know a lot of people say it won’t make any difference and that crunches are a waste, but for me they work wonders! Maybe some day I’ll show you a “progress photo” from when I first started my “healthy life” and you’ll see what I mean, haha. June is going to be great!
Healthy food
Do you have any goals for this month?
What are your favorite things about the summer?

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