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Lazy breakfast & Yesterday’s long run

Good morning, my beautiful little blog family! Today I woke up at 6:00AM for no reason other than my body just felt like it was time to wake up. I love mornings like that! Waking up early and before my alarm. Too bad I forgot I had planned a quick fasted cardio session for this morning and had a small pre-breakfast breakfast, haha. Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow. It’s not like I’m going to do a 60 min run for fasted cardio or anything close to that, I was just thinking walking fast for 15-20 minutes on the treadmill. Right now I am eating my breakfast (Cheerios, strawberries, almond milk) while watching Teen Mom OG and blogging.
Yesterday my mom and I went for one of our first seriously long long-runs for this season of marathon training. We took the old railroad trail path all the way to the city, then intead of going towards the centre of the city we ran down to the river and followed a path that I have never seen before (or at least not that I remember) back out of the city. It was really beautiful there and I wish I had known about it sooner! And the sunshine made it even nicer. It’s always fun for me to run new places! When the trail by the river ended we ran through the timber terminal and back on to the regular route through a little neighborhood. After that it was all hills, hills, hills! I am not a fan of hills, but I know that makes it even more important for me to run them! After what felt like an hour we had climbed all the way up to the parking at the end of the old railroad trail path (opposite side from where we started our run). From here it’s approximately 4 km left home, which isn’t too bad, right? Well, my body was done. Done! As much as my brain wanted to move forward my body did not want to follow. Sure, it went forward, but I’m sure if you were sitting on a bench looking at us you’d think you were having a stroke because I looked like I was running in slow motion. Thankfully my mom was there to hold my hand – and I mean literally hold my hand, I was able to speed up a little bit when I held on to her hand and she sort of controlled the speed level. I was so happy when the run was over, not only because my body really didn’t feel like working anymore but also because I always feel really happy after a long run! 20,12 km including hills.
Today I’m not sure whether I want to go for a short run or just go for a walk before work. Right now it all depends on the weather, yes, it’s one of those days. Honestly, it’s probably more just me being lazy and not wanting to do anything at the moment. But I know once I head out I’ll ask myself why I ever even hesitated. I should also probably finish throwing away things and clean my room, I haven’t blogged about it but for the last month or so I’ve been on a mission to declutter my room and it is starting to look really nice. Or.. at least something close to nice, haha! And all of the sudden I had a bunch of things to do before work! I should probably get started!

What is your favorite way to start the day?
Do you ever blame the weather for your laziness?

Marie Alessandra

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Back to healthy eating

Healthy eating is the root to everything great. For me. I feel happier when I eat healthy, my body feels better, I have more energy, and all in all nothing feels right unless I am following a healthy eating plan.
This was my breakfast today. Sourdough crisp bread with egg, tomato and brown cheese.
I haven’t been feeling great about myself this year. That’s sugar coating it – in all honesty I’ve been feeling like pure shit this whole year. Most of 2016 I’ve been sick and not very active or healthy. And every time I’ve started getting back to being active and/or healthy I get sick again and everything falls down, crashes and burns. It’s really hard to stay positive when nothing seems to be working ever anymore. I’ve had enough. So now I’m going to make everything as great as I can so that I don’t have anything to complain about anymore. Let’s be happy.
Weekly planner
I bought these “weekly planner” sheet papers a couple weeks ago and figured they would be perfect for planning meals and workouts. After I had eaten my breakfast this morning I started writing down the meal plan for this week. If you read through the meal plan I’ve written: yes, I know I eat the same all the time and that I am very boring, but that is what works the best for me. Also, this is not going to be some super strict plan, I can change things if I feel like it. As long as it’s healthy and somewhat similar.
My Meal Plan
I’m sorry this was so short. I just wanted to write and post this now.

What is your favorite healthy thing to eat?
marie alessandra

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