Marathon training schedule

This morning I finally threw together my little marathon training schedule for these final 4 weeks. Will I follow this plan? Yes and no. I will make a few changes along the way. My mom is in France right now, but we are going to do a long run (or maybe 2?) together when she’s back –  which day or how many km I have no idea. So changes will be made, but it’s nice to have a skeleton to base my training on.

Isn’t it amazing how time just flies!? We’re only 4 weeks away from the race now. This time in 4 weeks my mom and I will be in our hotel room in Florence with sore legs, exhausted and proud because we’ve just finished our very first marathon. Maybe we’re out enjoying a nice dinner, or my victory gelato. Yes, my only plan for after the marathon is to eat a delicious Italian gelato. My strategy for the hard parts of the race is to imagine that gelato, mmmhm. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we’ll officially be marathoners. We’re only 4 weeks away..
Marathon Training Plan
That’s my marathon training schedule. Now I just have to follow it, eat right, drink enough water, and make sure I don’t get sick. November is a scary month for people like me haha. And by ‘people like me’ I mean anemic vegetarians with a crappy immune system who lives in cold places, oh the joy. Anyway, I can’t wait to start writing about how my training is going. I’ll probably write a post about the marathon aswell to show you guys the course and all those fun things. I’ve decided this November is going to be the best November ever!

Are you a planner, or do you just run by feel?
Do you have any running related goals for November?

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Only a month left now

Firenze Marathon is getting so close. November 30th I’ll be running my very first marathon, which means we’re only a month away from the big day. I’m not nervous, not worried, just excited. I think it’s going to be a great way to spend my last day as 21 (yes, my birthday is December 1st, don’t forget it!), and it’s going to be an amazing experience to finally run a full marathon. I haven’t got a training plan for this final month yet, but I’ll start making it later today or tomorrow. It’s only a 4-week plan, so it won’t be too hard. If you have any ideas you would like to share with me I’d really appreciate it. How long my runs should be, how many times a week I should, when I should start tapering, and anything else that can be important.
This week hasn’t been the greatest running week for me so far. On Tuesday I ran a slow 9,20 km run in the dark, and today I ran a slow and messy 10,72 km. But it doesn’t really worry me, as long as I get my runs I’m okay. I had planned to run yesterday, but that didn’t happen. Good thing there’s still time left to turn the week into something great. Hopefully I can get two good runs this week, to make up for the two sloppy ones.
Do you have any more races planned for 2014?
How did you feel before your first marathon?

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Nike Free Run+ 5.0

I am in heaven! I’ve been looking for a new pair of the good old Nike Free Run+ 5.0 for so long – you should have seen me in New York this summer, searching through all the shelves in every sport and shoe store I could find haha. With no luck though. But this Sunday, I’m really happy to say, I was able to bring a pair of these babies back from the store. I know they have a new 5.0 model, but I am not a fan of the new look.. So I’m gonna keep trying to find the old model for as long as I possibly can.

I bought my first pair of these last summer. They were blue and green, and I absolutely loved them. Still do – they haven’t retired yet. They were the first pair of running shoes that didn’t hurt my legs, this is how I knew these were the perfect shoes for me. A couple months later I bought my 2nd pair – this time in pink and orange. I figured it would be a good idea to have two pairs, one at my parents’ and one at my boyfriend’s. You should always have at least 2 pairs of your favorite shoes, right? The pink/orange ones got used the most (because those were the ones I had at my boyfriend’s place, and that’s where I am most of the time), and in June this year I had to retire them.. I knew I had to find a new pair before the blue/green followed the faith of the pink/orange ones. Luckily for me I was able to find a pair on sale in Sweden in August. They were purple and orange – the color I originally had been looking for when I bought the blue/green ones. Hallelujah! For a while now I’ve been happy with the pairs I’ve got, but last week I noticed my ankles hurt a bit at the beginning of my runs – this is what happened right before the retirement of the first pair. Not a good sign. I guess I’ve got some good karma floating around me these days, because who would have thought I’d find yet another pair right now that I needed it the most. And in a color I didn’t already have!? Life is good!

What are your favorite running shoes?

Marie Alessandra

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Waking up to sunshine was the perfect way to start this wonderful Saturday. My mom and I had planned to go for a long run today, but my body had a different idea. It didn’t take long before we both realized I wouldn’t be able to follow the plan. My breathing was horrible and it felt like I had left most my energy at home somewhere. We had to listen to my body at this point and reschedule our long run. Luckily my mom suggested that we could do a run-walk-hike instead, and that’s exactly what we did.
We hiked up the Paradise Hills to this really beautiful little farm place. We walked around for a while and took some photos, before we continued our journey.
I hadn’t been to this place in forever. Look at how beautiful it is, wow!
We kept switching between running and walking from how I was feeling. And it really turned out to be a lovely run-walk-hike. Some days the body just needs something different than what the brain has planned, and I’m really glad we could still get a good workout.
From farm land to lake view. With each step our run-walk-hike just got better and better.
The weather couldn’t have been any better either (and I really hope this is how it’s going to be for a while). Everything was perfect, and because my mom was so okay with the changes we had to make to our planned long run I didn’t feel too guilty for ruining it. We had a great workout, a really nice time together and got plenty of fresh air. That’s all that mattered. 11,76 km, great Saturday!
What did you do this weekend?
Do you ever have days where the body and brain won’t work together?

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Autopilot & flooded river

I was supposed to write this yesterday, but my new-ish computer doesn’t work, so I’m currently using my old computer – which isn’t all that great either.. Seriously, I bought it after my confirmation (I was 14), no wonder it’s slow and hard to work with.
Anyway, here comes yesterday.
I went out in a light sprinkle of rain. Didn’t feel too bad because it was so little, but I still wouldn’t have said ‘no thanks’ to a dry day. I guess the weather was on my side yesterday because after a couple kilometers the rain stopped. It’s been raining so much lately, getting a non-rainy run felt really nice for a change.
I love this time of the year, it’s so much easier to relax and think when you’re outside. While I was running it hit me. I’ve been running on autopilot lately! My brain is all over the place, while my legs are pretty much doing their own thing. I guess this can be both a good and a bad thing. I’m really enjoying it, don’t get me wrong. It feels really good to be happy with all my runs, but maybe it’s time to find some new routes to run. I’m a creature of habit, I like sticking to my good old safe routines when it comes to.. pretty much everything.
Maybe this is a sign. After all the rain we’ve had lately the river water has risen quite a bit and is starting to eat parts of my favorite running trail. Challenge accepted! Ulisse by Raige was playing in my ears the whole 10,52 km run, it reminded me of  summer and made the run feel even better. If you listen to music on your runs I highly suggest you to listen to some of your favorite songs from the summer if the cold and wet days are messing with your mood.

Tell me about your favorite place to run.
Also, how’s the fall weather treating you?

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Sunday runday

Yesterday my mom and I ran our longest run ever!

As part of our marathon training we run a long run together every week. We follow the long runs from one of the marathon plans from Grete Waitz’s “Run your own marathon” book, and this Sunday we were supposed to run 26 km. Somehow we skipped ahead a week or two and ended up running the 30 km instead, because why not.
After eating a big pre-run breakfast and getting ready, we headed out in to the fog. Things started out surprisingly well for me, my mom on the other hand didn’t feel to great in the beginning. But we made it work. Everything went smooth for the first 11 km, then we had to take a short toilet break at this cute little café before we could keep going. 12, 13, 14, 15 – smooth as a cloud. We had to stop here and there every once in a while so I could do some stretching, my legs were getting really stiff, but other than that things were going pretty great.
At 20 km though, things got harder for me. My legs were so stiff, each step got harder and harder. I felt like Pinocchio. Thankfully my mom is the best and she kept me going. Even though we now had to switch to some walk-run-walk-run because of me, things were still positive. Just before we reached 26 km my vision started getting blurry, so we took a short stop at the 7-Eleven half a kilometer later to buy some soda to give me a quick sugar boost. It helped tons. The next 3 km is erased from my memory, but the last km was uphill and brilliant. I think we both were really proud after finishing, I know I was! It took us 3 hours and 36 minutes, and I honestly don’t think that’s too bad. I’m happy!
How did you spend your weekend?
What do you eat/drink during your long runs?

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Conquering the rain

My Fridays are normally reserved for long runs with my mom as a part of our marathon training. But the weather today wasn’t all that great, so we decited to move our long run to Sunday instead. I still had to go for a short run on my own though. And because I didn’t wake up early enough to get to the gym in time to get a treadmill I knew I had to face the freezing cold rainy weather outside. I’m not exaggerating how cold it is, yesterday it was snowing!
After reading some tips on running in the rain, layering up and putting on a baseball cap I was out the door.
Even though my feet were soaking wet after just 2 km and my face was colder than a popsicle, I acually really enjoyed running in the rain. Not because I’m overly fond of running when it’s cold or wet, but except for the ducks and swans I was pretty much alone outside. It was really nice!
I ended up running 9,15 km. My shortest distance in months. It was great though, I finally know I’m able to go for runs even when I’m not thrilled about the weather. I also realized I need to invest in some new running clothes for the rainy season.. Ouch. Can’t risk getting sick and losing any days of marathon training.

How did you spend your Friday?
Do you like running in the rain?

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Happy run & post-run snack

Today started out as one of those days where I just didn’t want to run. The weather report was screaming rain, the thermostat was showing it was 4 degrees (that’s 39,2 fahrenheit) outside. I am not a huge fan of cold and wet weather. But after a lot of back and forth I realized I had to get at least a short run. I mean, come on, marathon training can’t always take place in the ideal weather. So I changed into my running clothes and went out. In my head this would be a very short and easy 5-6 km run.
It became something completely different, and I couldn’t be happier (well, I could, but we’ll get to that in a minute)! I started running my regular route, thinking I would take a shortcut after reaching 4 or 5 km. That didn’t happen, I just kept going. I was feeling too great to cut it short. I wasn’t planning on running fast or anything, I wasn’t even trying. But then I reached 10 km and I almost fell out of my shoes when the GPS on my phone screamed “10 kilometers in 1 hour, 5 seconds!”. I couldn’t believe it, I had almost done 10 km in less than an hour, without even trying. If it hadn’t been for that stupid bus I had to stop for at 9,something km I would have reached the magical number! Stupid bus.
After some stretching and bragging to my boyfriend about how happy I was with my run I threw together a little post-run snack. Nothing too fancy, just a small bowl with strawberries and banana. Delicious though! I also had an Apple Pie Questbar, but I didn’t realize I had it before after I took the picture haha.

How has your day been?

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My first post: hello!

Well hello there!

Okay, so this is my very first post and I still have not really figured out how to start this, the first post I mean. For some reason I feel like this should be really special haha. But because I don’t have any great ideas on how to do this I’ll do it very simple. So let’s just do a little introduction for this blog. I guess you’ve already figured out that the main subject on my blog will be running – should be pretty obvious haha. Everything from everyday runs and marathon training, to favorite socks and random thoughts. But I am also planning on posting recipes, daily-life things, other workout stuff, and more.

I guess I should also write down a few things about myself. My name is Marie Alessandra, I am 21 years old and I live in Norway. I haven’t been running for very long (seriously, this all started August 2013!), but I became addicted to it after just a couple runs and it has become one of my favorite things to do. In March I ran my first half marathon (with my mom and dad by my side) and in September I ran my second (this time with just my mom). Right now I’m training for my first marathon. I’m not the fastest runner in the world, but this is what I love doing so I don’t really care. Great things take time, you know.

If you have any suggestions or requests for a post that you’d like to see, or any questions, please let me know!
That’s all I have to say for now. I really hope you’ll enjoy my blog.

Snapped this picture while I was out running today, isn’t my running path just the most beautiful thing?

Marie Alessandra

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