I have always been a fan of setting goals for the things I do. It’s a great motivation and will help you push a little further. I started setting goals for my running the day I became a runner. I started with small simple goals I could achive fast. Like running a certain distance a little faster than I’d done before, don’t take any walking breaks during runs, run x-times a week, etc. When I signed up for my first half marathon I didn’t have a goal time, my only goal was to finish. Which I did. The goal for my next half marathon was to beat the time from my first half marathon, which I also did (with more than 13 minutes, oh my!). My only competition is myself, and that’s the only person I need to beat.

My Running Goals
Times I want to beat, distances I want to reach. The list with goals related to running faster, running longer, mainly becoming a better runner.

» Run a marathon. (completed Nov 30th, 2014)
» Run a half marathon in less than 2 hours.
» Run 10 km in less than 55 minutes.
» Run 5 km in less than 26 minutes.

Running Bucket List
Places I want to go, things I want to see, races I want to run. The list of all running related dreams I want to achive before I die.

» Run a marathon. (completed November 30, 2014)
» Run the New York City Marathon.
» Run the Berlin Marathon.
» Run across the Golden Gate Bridge. (completed July 16, 2015)
» Run a race in 10 different countries (so far 4/10 – Norway, Italy, Germany, USA).
» Run in many different countries and cities (read below).

Run in many different countries & cities
I really want to run all over the world. Doesn’t matter if it’s a race or just a short training run. Running in other countries is exciting to me. I’ve always loved traveling, and combining that with my favorite hobby would be a dream come true. These are the places I can check off the list so far, hopefully I can add more names here soon.

Europe: Norway, France, Germany, Italy.
USA: New York, San Francisco.
Where Ive Run Map
Run a half marathon and run in Central Park are two things that used to be on my bucket list.

Do you have any running goals?
What are some places you wish you could run?

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3 Thoughts on “Goals

  1. It looks like we both ran our first marathons on the same date! That’s really cool :o) Good luck on meeting your goals. It seems you’re well on your way!

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