So happy with my progress!

Hello and happy Friday! This week has been amazing! Not only have my eating been on point, but I’ve also been able to go for a run every single day and I’ve had so much progress with my running that it’s almost unbelieveable to me. Even though nothing is a 100% perfect yet, I am still so happy with how things are going! Work, run, work, run, work. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s spring or if it’s because I finally get to run again and I’m eating healthy, but my mood has finally started to improve so much. I love it!
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I am in a good place, sort of, and I have accepted that it will take me some time to get back to where I used to be when it comes to my running times. All I can do is work, work, work, then before we know it I’ll be smashing my distances and PR’s again! I’m already excited, haha. On Monday I went for a nice little 6 km run. I was really happy that I finally was able to get all the kms in less than 8 minutes. I had to walk a lot, but at least I still managed to get them all under 8 – which was the goal. On Tuesday I went for a 7 km run. 4 of the kms in 7-something minutes, 3 in 6-something. That’s progress again! I still had to walk a lot – and I’m pretty sure it will take some time before I can get through a whole run without any walks again, but as long as I’m getting faster again I don’t mind it too much. I haven’t gotten through a whole kilometer without having to walk yet. It’s a work in progress.
On Wednesday I went for the same 7 km run. And guess what?! I was able to run the two first kilometers without having to walk! Haha, the smallest things make me proud and happy now, and that’s honestly pretty refreshing and motivating. The rest was again a mix of running and walking, but at least I did it with a little more tempo! As you can see all the km’s except for 1 was in less than 7 minutes. Which I’m really happy with, let’s facd it: last week I struggled to get through a km in less than 8 minutes. Then there’s Thursday! Yesterday’s run was the best one yet, the first time this week I’ve felt like it’s actually been a real run almost, haha! The first 3.5 km I didn’t have to walk at all! I was able to push myself a little more – get out of my own head and just keep going whenever my brain went “you NEED to walk now, WALK!“. I only walked a little, then I started running again. The next time I walked was only because I had to take a sip of water and I’m still having a little trouble drinking without having it go up my nose (yes, that is a valid excuse for having to walk when you drink, don’t try me!). The next time I walked was the same thing. Yes, I only had to take 3 short walk breaks this time! And only 1 of them was for something other than needing a sip of water. 5 of the kilometers were 6-something minutes, then the last 2 were 5-something. YES! Now that is progress!
marie alessandra
Another little thing I want to mention really quickly is that now that I don’t have super long hair my neck doesn’t feel all stiff and sore after my runs. I am so glad I cut my hair, haha! I’m gonna go for a nice little Friday run aswell, but I’m probably going to take it easy and don’t push myself too much, I don’t want to go too crazy too eary on – I’ve done that before and it’s not the smartest thing you can do, haha.

I hope everyone has had a great week!
Done anything fun this week?
Do you have any plans for the weekend?
marie alessandra

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3 Thoughts on “So happy with my progress!

  1. Davide on April 22, 2016 at 11:41 am said:

    What a wondeful Blu shirt!
    BE PROUD of that!
    How many norwegians ran in Florence? 🙂

    After 2 years, my friends and me, won’t run in Florence but we’ll try the Nice-Cannes Marathon.
    Join us!

    But Sunday we’ll run this wondeful race

    Have fun with running.


    • Børge on April 23, 2016 at 7:39 pm said:

      What a wonderful course! I would love to participate some day. Good luck with the run!

    • Hey Davide! 😀

      I am SUPER proud of my Florence shirts 😀
      Every time I wear them it reminds me of the amazing things in life and how wonderful running makes it.
      I’m not sure how many Norwegians ran in Florence, but I guess around 20 ? Not sure.

      Ohh, I’ve been to Nice and Cannes a bunch of times! It’s really pretty down by the ocean, I’m sure you’ll have a great time! 😀

      How was the Sarnico Lovere Run? 😀 It looked really beautiful! My parents watched the video and now I think they both really want to sign up for it. Thanks for letting us in on all these new exciting races we don’t know about, by the way.

      Thank you 😀 🙂

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