Meal prep for the week

I’ve been wanting to get back into meal prepping for a while now and I figured today would be a good day to start. I’m already very into the planning, so why not prep aswell? I wanted to make dinner for the next 4 days (Monday to Thursday). Dinner is the only meal I almost always struggle to make, this is the meal for me that will make of break a healthy day – simply because I am very lazy when it comes to cooking. For breakfast and lunch I normally just have something simple like oatmeal, crispbreads or protein pancakes. Then it’s dinner: “late”, time consuming (anything that takes me more than 10 minutes stresses me out if I’m hungry – I’m one of those people who feel hungry and need food right away), too many different things to choose from. That’s why dinners are my favorite meal to prep! I love the idea of not having to cook this meal every single day.
Meal prepping foods
This is what I needed for my meal prep this week: Whole grain tagliatelle, tofu “chicken” fillets, sweet potato, and frozen veggies.
Meal prepping
I started defrosting the veggies and browning the fillets in a frypan with some Pam spray. When the water for the pasta started to boil I threw in tagliatelle balls and let it boil for 6 min. I put the sweet potato in the microwave for 7 minutes and cut it in half once it was ready. Not sure why I felt like I needed to explain this, but I did and now you know, haha!
meal prep pasta sweet potato
meal prep veggies
And here is what came out of this! Four delicious and nutritious meals. Yum! I’m not sure how long it took me to finish cooking everything, but it wasn’t too long considering I made 4 full meals and my foods of choice isn’t the slowest cooking ones, haha. It was also a lot nicer to make dinner in the morning instead of evening because I don’t like cooking when it’s dark (I actually really enjoy cooking, but it has to be early and it has to be light outside). Once I get more into meal prepping again I’ll probably do breakfast and lunches aswell, but this is a good start.
meal prepping for runners
meal prepped and ready

Do you enjoy meal prepping?
What are you having for dinner today?

marie alessandra

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2 Thoughts on “Meal prep for the week

  1. That looks so yummy 🙂
    I am worst meal prepper ever, but the past few weeks I did do a little better and actually had healthy lunches. Problem was at home, I stated eating junk every night last week, I need to stop!

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