Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!
Happy Valentine's Day
Everything went okay at the hospital. But I was a little bit annoyed afterwards to be honest because I didn’t really get any new information, other than that I’ll get my tonsils removed. They told me to wait for a letter from them with more information. I waited, then it arrived. And the only thing the letter said (and I’m not joking, it was two lines with this information) was that I was going to get the surgery but I’ll have to wait for yet another letter to know when. Haha, couldn’t get more annoying than that. Oh well, my throat is feeling okay at the moment, so I don’t mind right now. A few days after the hospital things I had an appointment with my dentist to have one of my wisdom teeth taken out, because it was so far back in my jaw that I was having a hard time brushing it well enough so we agreed that I should get it pulled before I would have any issues with it. I was so scared! I have never had a tooth taken out before, and I am already terrified of the dentist so you better believe I was freaking out that morning, haha. What can I say? Uhm.. It was a new experience. It took me a whole week to not feel any more pain from it, and my cheek was so swollen – I looked like a squirrel, haha!
Michael Jackson Drawing
Obviously I didn’t run after I had my wisdom tooth pulled because I was in a lot of pain, so to make time pass I started drawing a little again. And I am obsessed. This is sort of a progress picture of my Michael Jackson drawing. It’s not done yet, and after that last photo of those 8 I still have 3 new pictures that I need to put into this “progress picture” thing, but here is a little something something to show you guys what I do. I love to keep record of the progress of a drawing, it’s so much fun to see where you started and all the little changes you’ve done to get to where you’re at in the end. I love it.
On Friday I went for my first run after 3 weeks of nothing but a couple walks. It felt amazing! And now I know I’m perfectly fine to start running again. So on Saturday I ran again. Both the runs were really short, but it’s a great start. I am really looking forward to spring now, it’s okay to run on the treadmill every now and then, but Lord how I miss running outside. But until then; I am extremely happy that I have my own treadmill and I am going to use it a lot! Tomorrow I’m getting back into a good and strict routine with my workouts and my diet. I am feeling so motivated and happy now, and I can’t wait to share every single moment with you!

Can you run outside now, or do you have to use the treadmill too?
What is your favorite thing to do/hobby (that isn’t considered a workout)?

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2 Thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. You have quite the gift 🙂 Love the MJ portrait.
    I follow someone on IG who posts from Norway all the time, i am amazed at the snow dump and the beauty lol Barfotgimse
    It will be okay when you have the tonsils removed. You just need to stay focused on tomorrow…tell yourself, tomorrow I will feel better, and sleep! My son says the first few days are the worst , but if you can sleep it’ll be okay.

    • Thank you, Karen! 🙂
      Norway is quite beautiful yes ;D
      I got my tonsils removed this week and WOW it’s so painful now and I’m not tired at all 🙁 hopefully the pain will disappear more and more..

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