What a difference 2 days can make!

Thursday last week (October 29th) my mom and I went for a long-ish run together. It was my 3rd run after being sick for 3 weeks and my first long run in what feels like forever. It felt so good to finally run a longer run again! We did the exact same route again on Sunday (November 1st), and wow, the difference 2 days can make is pretty mind-blowing!
We decited to run this route that we’ve run a bunch of times before. It’s the perfect route for marathon training because after the first 7-8 km you can either run over a couple bridges and get almost the same distance on the way home, or if you’re feeling brave you can take your run towards the city and around the river etc. and get an extra 5-15 km (depending on where you run, obviously). We took the bridges this time because it was only my 3rd run after being sick for so long and I honestly don’t think I would have been able to run much longer than we did.
The Thursday run was fun, hard and cold. If you’ve read my blog before you already know that I live in Norway, and it gets really really cold here during fall and winter (I am extremely sensitive to cold weather so it might not be as horrible as I make it out to be, haha). And because I had a 3 week break I still haven’t gotten used to being out in the colder temperatures.. So yes, it was cold to run, I had some trouble with my breathing, and my joints hurt a lot. After we had gotten to the other side of the bridges I really felt how long it had been since I had been on a long run, my legs and my lungs were not on my team anymore. But! It was still so much fun. And I was happy with it. My mom on the other hand was worried about the marathon because I wasn’t very fast, I was complaining a little (or a lot?), and I had to take walk breaks a few too many times (she didn’t tell me this before after our Sunday run, haha!).
Then we get to Sunday’s run. Same route, different day. It was a little bit warmer so I didn’t need to wear a beanie and multiple layers of shirts. And I’m always happy when I don’t need to dress up like an eskimo for a run this time of the year, haha! I felt really positive and confident about the run in the beginning, but I very soon noticed the cold air made my breathing a bit painful. It worried me a little, but my mom came up with a nice way to keep it under control. It was pretty much a slow run, then walk a couple meters before my breathing issues would start, then start running slow again. Just to not get that painful drowning feeling (I’m having a hard time explaining what I mean, but I pretty much have trouble getting air into my lungs sometimes – it stops in my throath or at the top of my chest, and the cold air makes it worse). I think that saved our run, haha. After the run my mom told be about how she was worried after our Thursday run but felt a lot more confident after this one. Guess what?!:
That’s almost an 8 minute difference! I am so happy with that! My marathon is only 27 days away now, and I need all the positive thoughts and training I can get. This 2 day improvement made me feel a lot more confident about the marathon, and because my mom is feeling more confident for me too it’s going to be a lot easier for us both.

Have you had any nice runs in the fall weather?
What did you dress up as for Halloween?

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4 Thoughts on “What a difference 2 days can make!

  1. Look forward to our next run tomorrow. Mom

  2. You had great long runs! It is really hard after being sick, it takes a little to get your groove back, but you got it!
    The cold is hard on the chest, it is so tricky trying to get use to all that clothing! We have not had much need for warmer layers yet here, I ran in a sports bra today LOL but it coming. I hope for my half!
    Norway is so beautiful. I am awed by your run spots 🙂 The lakes and mountains would energize me.

    • I’m so glad it didn’t take too long to get back into it! 🙂
      Awe, now you’re making me jealous haha 😀 Today it’s snowing here, so I guess I’ll have to wait a good 5-6 months before there’s sports bra weather here again now haha xD Good luck! 😀
      Thank you, Karen <3

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