Good runs, Ab time & Food!

I hate doing these “recaps”, I feel like I put too much stuff into one post and it gets a little messy. But that’s how it is when you keep forgetting to write about it the day it happens, haha. Hopefully it doesn’t bother ya’ll too much. These past few days has been a lot of everything. Mostly positive, and that’s always a good thing.
While I was at work on Saturday my dad texted me and asked if I wanted to go for a run with him when I got back from work. Sure, sure! I don’t think I’ve ever said ‘no’ to that! We walked up to the old railroad and started out with a slow jog. I still haven’t gotten complete control of my breathing again yet, so I’ve had to take it very slow lately in order to even get through a whole run. It’s annoying, but at least it just gets easier and easier. We wanted to log at least 10 km, and I’m not a fan of running back and forth on the same path over and over again. So after around 3 km we headed up into the woods so we could get those extra km’s from doing a nice little loop. We had to walk a lot here because hills and I these days are not great friends, haha. When we got to the “top” of the hill we were taking up into the woods it flattened out and I could easily run again. When we got back to the old railroad we started running a little faster, and by the end of the run we had logged 10.12 km in 1:06:31 (I know my heart rate monitor says something else, but I just forgot I was wearing it so it took me some extra seconds to turn it off, haha!). This run really made my weekend a good one!
All the sudden it was Monday. I like to run early on Monday mornings because then I don’t have to stress before work and it’s also not that many people on the old railroad so I can run as I please without having to think too much about other people. When I woke up the weather wasn’t the best and I almost skipped my run, but then I told myself that I was being silly and a few gray clouds doesn’t mean you need to skip your run. And by the time I had changed into running clothes the weather was suddenly really nice. Lucky me! After just a few minutes I realized I should have brought a bottle of water with me. My mouth was dryer than a desert and I felt like shit. But in my head I was alredy too far away from the house to bother going back to get one. So I just ran with it, hah. I figured the walk-run-walk-run method would be perfect for this day anyway. All in all it was a nice and easy 7.12 km run. I really enjoy my easy “starting the week” runs! Also, I’m not used to wearing a heart rate monitor. I used it all the time before, but then I just got annoyed with having this huge thing on my wrist while running so I just stopped. Now I’m starting to kind of love it again, it’s fun to see your heart rate and how many calories I’ve burned – even though it doesn’t really matter to me, haha.
chocolate protein pancakes
Tuesday was the first day of September! And I had planned that every day in September I’d do some sort of workout. Or, just be active in some way.. For at least 20 minutes. It was rainy and I really didn’t feel like going out to run in the rain because I’m really not a fan of running in the rain, plus my dad had gotten sick the day before and it made me paraniod that I’d get sick too if I went out for a run (my immune system is a joke, I get sick extremely easily!). So I decided I’d do some pilates instead. So I layed out my mat on the floor and found some Youtube videos on my iPad. I’m trying to find some good pilated and other workout videos on Youtube, just so that I have something to do when I’m too lazy to run/the weather is crap. Here’s what I did:

1. Pop Pilates: Intense Ab Workout!
2. Pop Pilates: Crazy Core Workout.
3. 2-Minute Ab Workout (I did this one 2 times).
4. Pop Pilates for Beginners: Ab time!

Then finished it all off with 100 crunches and some stretching. After that I made the most delicious lunch I’ve eaten in a while. Chocolate protein pancakes with banana. They were amazing! Too bad it was just protein pancake powder, chocolate protein powder, and water, or else I’d share the recipe with all of you, haha.
vegan breakfast & lunch
Vegan Wednesday! I woke up feeling so sick I couldn’t believe it. I had been so smart the day before and done pilates instead of going out for a run in the rain, but I still got sick. My tonsils were swollen to the point where it was really hard and painful to swallow anything. Why, o’why?! I had a fever and my body hurt so bad. And on top of all those pains that being sick brought, I was also extremely sore after yesterday’s pretty intense first pilates session in a long time. Haha, what did I do to deserve all this?! I figured I could try to go for a little walk with my boyfriend later, but the rain was insane so that didn’t happen. The only active thing I did this day was my 100 crunches (that was pretty much the worst crunches I’ve ever done because my abs were so freakin’ sore, haha!). It was pretty annoying to know that my plan for September was effed up the 2nd day of the month, but hey, I was sick so I guess that is an okay excuse. At least I was good at following my Vegan Wednesday plan, even though I really didn’t feel like eating at all because everything just hurt.

Breakfast: 1 Polar bread with raspberry jam, and 1 with avocado.
Lunch: Oatmeal with banana and cinnamon.
Snack: Huge fruit bowl! Mango, grapes, blueberries and strawberries.
Dinner: Salad with Romaine mix, peas, carrot, red onion, avocado and strawberries.
I also had 2 polar breads and some grapes after my dinner, but I didn’t take a picture of that.
fruit bowl and vegan dinner
And today it’s Thursday. I’m feeling a lot better than I did yesterday – my tonsils aren’t killing me anymore, so I’m sure I’ll be back to normal again tomorrow. I’m not sure what I’ll do for a workout today, but if the weather allows it I’ll go for a walk, then do my crunches. Apparently this is the last day of bad weather we’ll have for a week now, and I am very okay with that, haha!

How is your immune system? Am I the only one who gets sick just by looking at the rain?
Do you have any special goals of plans for September?

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  1. I should not have read this post when hungry! Those pancakes look delicious and are now officially going into my need to make recipe pile 🙂

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