Vegan Wednesday

The last couple of years I’ve heard so many people talk about how they do “Meat-free Mondays” or “Meatless Mondays”, which basically means they are vegetarians every Monday. I’ve been a vegetarian for more than half my life, and I have never really seen the point in it. But recently it’s started to annoy me that there is a “special” day that I can’t join in on. I mean, I have meat-free days every single day all year long, every year since the summer 13 years ago.. I feel left out, haha! So that is why I have decided to start doing Vegan Wednesdays! Which for those who doesn’t know means that; every Wednesday I’ll stay away from all types of food that comes from animals (dairy, eggs, honey, etc.). Here is what I had on my very first Vegan Wednesday:
Vegan Wednesday Breakfast
Before my run this morning I went for a pretty simple breakfast. I was craving bruschetta so I decided to throw together something similar. 2 slices of whole wheat fiber bread (toasted, of course) with tomato and basil (didn’t have fresh basil, so I just used basil spice), and a nectarine on the side. Yum! I absolutely love bruschetta, and I think this was pretty good for a “wannabe” bruschetta.
Vegan Wednesday Lunch
For lunch I had oatmeal with cinnamon, banana and blueberries. And before you start correcting me and telling me how oatmeal isn’t vegan; yes, it is. I never make my oatmeal with milk. I just put oats in a bowl, add water, then throw the whole thing in the microwave for a minute or two before I add all the other stuff. This is how I’ve always made my oatmeal and it’s the only way I like it.
Vegan Wednesday Snack
I was getting really hungry between lunch and dinner, and because I hadn’t been at the grocery store to stock up on veggies and whatever I probably should have bought before this day, I just had 2 spelt lomper (no, it’s not tortillas, haha – there isn’t a English word for them, I’m sorry, it’s a Scandinavian thing) with raspberry jam, and a bowl of blueberries. I almost had honey instead of the jam, but then I remembered honey isn’t vegan, haha.
Vegan Wednesday Dinner
I made a huge dinner. Yes, I eat a lot, but this dinner is even bigger than what I normally have. It was delicious though! Fiber Fusilli, spinach noodles, veganese sauce (*cough* I just came up with that word, it’s my vegan version of bolognese), French beans and peas. I’ve been loving French beans so much lately! So glad we still had some left.

My first Vegan Wednesday was a success. Sort of. I know I eat vegan without thinking about it very often, but now I’m doing it on purpose. I don’t have any plans on going vegan full time, I’m sorry but I love eggs too much. Omelets, scrambled, boiled, sunny side up – I love eggs too much to ever give them up. I am also a huge chocolate lover, but that you can actually find pretty good vegan versions of. One vegan day a week is enough for me right now, though. Next week I need to remember to stock up on veggies and fruit beforehand, I feel like the only thing today was missing was more green foods.

Do you have meat-free Mondays, Vegan Wednesdays or something similar?
Or maybe you are a vegetarian or a vegan already?
What are some of your favorite things to eat?

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  1. Nam, nam…. Ønsker deg en nydelig dag!

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