La Sportiva Table Rock 10k

This morning we woke up at 4:15 to have breakfast and get ready for our race. I’m not a very hungry person that early in the morning so my pre-race breakfast was a raspberry Chobino yoghurt, a dash of peanut butter, and a half bagel with cheese.
race breakfast
Our bus for Marin City left at 5:29 and we were finally on our way. When we got to Marin City we were supposed to take a taxi from there to Stinson Beach because it was too early for the busses there. My dad called what seemed like every number for taxis in this part of California, but with no luck. They either didn’t answer or they didn’t have any cabs available at that moment. We were starting to get a bit worried that we might not get there in time for the race.. After what felt like hours of calling around we tried calling the first number again, as a last attempt on getting to the race. This time luck was on our side! The taxi came and we were on our way to Stinson Beach. Finally!
pre race
When we got to Stinson Beach a lot of other runners were already there. Some were just sitting around talking, some were stretching and warming up, and some were picking up their bibs. We picked up our bibs and started looking around for the toilets, then we sat down and just waited for the race to start.
table rock
The first ones out were the 27k runners. I think their race started around 8:30. The 10k race, which is the one we were running, started at 9.
stinson beach
It didn’t take long before things got hilly. But we knew that already, all the insane hills were at the beginning. The first 40 minutes or so were just up, up, up. The total elevation gain was 2050 feet (625 meters), which is a lot if you didn’t already know. It went a lot smoother than I thought it would though.
during the race
Yes, I did have to walk a lot in those hills. I’d probably have a heart attack if I didn’t, haha! But walking doesn’t mean you have to be slow, not at all! We walked like freaking racewalkers (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to look it up on youtube, it’s awesome, haha!)! And we weren’t the only walkers up those hills, uh no, it looked like almost everyone had to walk a little here. But because we were smart and walked like crazy people we passed a lot of people and never saw them again.
stinson beach
The trail was amazing! Not only the view (even though that was pretty breathtaking too), I’m talking about the trails. They were probably the most perfect trails I have ever seen and been on in my whole life. If you ever get the opportunity to run here, take it!
stinson beach
When we got to the top of the hills and things started to flatten out we started running pretty fast. Simply because it was so easy to run now. I guess the hills were exactly what we needed to warm up for real.
table rock
After some flat trails it started going downhill. I am normally not a fan of running down, because I think it’s a lot more exhausting than running hills and my knee starts to hurt. Not this time though. As you see in the picture from the walking part I remembered to put on my knee supporter thing. This one girl passed us and I just stared following her. We can pretty much say she was my rabbit for the race. If it hadn’t been for her I’d probably not run as fast as I did. It was so much fun. If I understand the result lists right her name was Amanda Grimm – so if you ever read this, Amanda: thank you so much for being my rabbit! When we were getting close to the finish line my breathing started to get really bad and I freaked out a little because I knew we were close to the finish I just didn’t know how close, and I didn’t want my breathing to ruin things. Thankfully it didn’t.
my first 10k!
Guess who placed 3rd in her age group?! I am so proud of myself for this! It was my first 10k, my first trail race, and my first time to be in the top 3 for anything at a race. I feel so amazing right now! And I honestly thought I was bad at trail running. I guess I proved myself wrong today, haha. I can’t even put words on how I’m feeling right now, I couldn’t be happier! What a great confidence boost. I loved everything about this race.
me and my dad
My dad and I both agreed that this was a really great race.

Marie Alessandra

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8 Thoughts on “La Sportiva Table Rock 10k

  1. CONGRATS on such a high finishing place and for executing a great race. That course looks really beautiful and inspiring!

    You and your dad are such a good team!

  2. So awesome, yep it seems you got this trail running thing down lol Congrats on the AG. The trails do look amazing and the views were great. That’s a lot of elevation to power up! I am glad you and dad had a great time. I look forward to hearing about your NY adventures.

  3. Marc on July 21, 2015 at 9:13 pm said:

    Congrats on your race! Great photos.

  4. BΓΈrge on August 6, 2015 at 8:41 pm said:

    Congrats with the bronze medal. Your running really impressed me. I could hardly follow you down the steep hills and stairs. You should do more trail runs, I think.

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