Saturday Trail Run

After a messy week it was so nice to finally head out for a trail run with my dad again. We’re going to San Francisco in 3 weeks, which means La Sportiva Table Rock is only 27 days away now and I need all the training I can get. I don’t know a lot of good trail running places around here, but my dad seem to know every single path there is, haha! Good thing he is a huge fan of skiing and hiking. We drove to a place called Eiksetra and started our run.
On our way up
The first 2 kms were really hard. Felt more like mountain climbing than trail running. I need a good warm-up before I can run good. When my muscles finally loosened up things went a lot smoother. Honestly, the whole run was challenging for me, haha. But I actually am a fan of hard runs though. When something is challenging it just means I can improve a lot and that I have something to work for. And hey, it was a lot better compared to last week‘s trail run!
we made it to the top
Close to the top we met this lovely lady. Whoever made this lady of rocks is a true genious! I mean, come on, that is some serious nature art. I love seeing fun things like this on my runs.
The view
We made it to the top! All the way up to Storsteinsfjell (translated: Big Rock Mountain, very suiting name). We went from an altitude of 186 m (610.2 feet) to 530 m (1738.9 feet) in just 4 km. The way up was beautiful. Tiny dirt trails, bigger gravel paths, some paths with nothing but huge rocks, always surronded by trees, plants, hills and a wonderful view. Beautiful!
enjoying the view
And I just have to brag about this: I finally figured out how to make french braids! So much better to run with my hair like this than with a ponytail. No more annoying neck pains or random face slaps from a heavy ponytail!
my dad
And the view! Oh my, the view! Where do I even begin, it felt like we could see the whole world from this place. Norway is not a very flat place, there’s hills and montains everywhere, but from up here everything else looked so flat. Going to be fun to go even higher in San Francisco.
The view
The way down was probably the most challenging part of the whole run. Sure, running downhill won’t leave you all exhausted and stuff, but it is so much work making sure you don’t step wrong and injure yourself, don’t slip on a rock or a root and roll down the rest of the way, or something like that. My knee started aching again, so at least now I know that the pain comes when I run downhill with terrain. I guess it was a good thing that I figured that out, because now I know I should start wearing a knee supporter when I run trails. I also tend to get cramps when I run downhill, not sure why, but it seems to help if I “flex” my abs while running. Just a little tip for those who’s in that same boat.
i love trail running

Do you have any tips for trail running? How to get stronger/faster, how to avoid injuries, etc.
Are you training for any races this summer?

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12 Thoughts on “Saturday Trail Run

  1. Oh my god! If it wasn’t for my sprained ankle, I would definately joined you. I love Eiksetra and the view from up there! So nice to see you finding new exciting paths to run 😀

    I do actually have a race to train for. Color me Rad in Bergen in september, hihi. Just have to wait until my foot doesn’t hurt, so walking have to do for now. Looking forward to see you soon!

    • Oh no, when and how did you sprain your ankle? You and that stupid ankle 🙁 Hahah a couple days ago I started thinking about that time in Eastbourne when you jumped over the tennis net and accidentally hit those two Chinese girls in the face with your crutches x’D I wish we had that on video! That ankle of yours, ugh.. 🙁

      AWWWWWWHHH! LUCKYYYY!!! That’s pretty much the same thing as The Color Run, right? I’ve been wanting to do one of those for so long now. Lucky! 🙂 I hope your foot gets better soon so you can start training. Those races look so fun! 🙂

      CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN SOON TOO! <3 I'll probably text you later and ask you again if you wanna go for a walk haha 😀

  2. The views are gorgeous. Trail running is the best. Really focus on running lines and foot placement to avoid twisted ankles and knees. Don’t add too much climbing all at once, it lead to Plantaar Fasciitis for me. Keep up the great work.

  3. Wow, those views are beautiful!!!

    I have never done a trail run and am a little scared about tripping over something, lol. I’ll try it one of these days!

  4. Looks gorgeous from up there.!! I’ve heard great things about trail running, but honestly idk if it would be for me.. I’m more of a road runner. I would want to walk. haha
    Your hair is SO pretty and long.!! I don’t know how to French braid, but I do always braid it when I run, soo much nicer for long hair.

    • I’m much more of a road runner too, I hate not getting good times when I run and I just feel so much better on my regular runs. But it’s still fun 🙂
      Thank you! I think it’s too long right now, but I’m so scared of cutting it so I’m not sure what I’m going to do haha, help xD I know, right, SOOO much better! 😀

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous out…the best! Your French braid is perfect also <3 <3 <3

  6. OMG, the views are breath taking!
    I agree with your momma, you are a beautiful young lady 🙂 Outfit – adorable!
    Running elevation like that is soooooo tough! What a skill you will develop doing that 🙂
    Take care

    • I know, right? 😀 I love it!
      Thank you so much, Karen! 🙂
      It’s insane :O I’m pretty sure I’ll never be good at running trails, but at least it build me a little every time I try 🙂

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