Hello June!

It’s June, finally! Today is very special. Why? There’s so many reasons. It’s my half-birthday (I’m officially 22 and a half, haha!), it’s the first day of summer, it’s the final episode of Drag Race season 7 (still not sure who I want to win), we got to see Caitlyn Jenner for the first time.. Okay, so maybe it’s nothing that special about this day, but I love finding something unique about each day just to make life a little more fun. I love starting a new month, I’m one of those freaks who looks at it as a “new chapter”, and this one has started out great.

Short recap of last week: On Tuesday I went for a run with my mom. First run after the knee strain. My doctor had told me it would be fine again by Monday, so in my head that was 100% how it would be. It wasn’t. I didn’t feel any pain in the beginning when we were running flat, but when things got hilly the pains were back. After the very long hill we only had 3,5 km left before we were home so it wasn’t too bad, plus it was slight downhill and flat the rest of the way home. My knee wouldn’t let me run the whole way so we had to take a few walk breaks, but that’s okay, better safe than sorry. After that I just took a break in hopes that my knee would “heal”. Yesterday I went for a short run by myself to see how my knee was feeling. It was okay, I still felt some pain every now and then but it wasn’t so bad that I had to stop running or anything. I was actually very surprised by how well the run went. Not because of the knee, but every time I take days off from running I imagine I’ll lose all my fitness and whatever, haha. News flash: A couple days of rest doesn’t hurt.

Some of my goals for this month is to run a lot more. And I mean A LOT! I think I’ve mentioned this earlier but I haven’t been feeling too great about myself lately and the only thing I know helps me when it comes to these thoughts are running and being healthy. So I am also going to do my best at being really healthy and make smarter choises when it comes to food. I am already kind of back to my good old healthy ways, but it’s never a bad idea to put extra focus on it anyway. I also need to start with my daily crunches again, I know a lot of people say it won’t make any difference and that crunches are a waste, but for me they work wonders! Maybe some day I’ll show you a “progress photo” from when I first started my “healthy life” and you’ll see what I mean, haha. June is going to be great!
Healthy food
Do you have any goals for this month?
What are your favorite things about the summer?

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4 Thoughts on “Hello June!

  1. You are right you won’t lose it all taking a few days off 🙂 I hope that knee feels 100% soon. I ice a lot it really helps me, keep icing 🙂
    When are inviting me over to eat, it’s lunch time and your pics are making me very hungry.
    I am a fan of crunches, they help me too. I haven’t been able to use the incline to sit all the up since my leg has been hurt, too much tugging on it, but i hope to get back to that soon! I think both moves help me, although I am just round in the middle, I will never have a six pack lol
    My goal is to lose at least a pound or two…we’ll see.
    Summer? being inside in the A/C – it’s not my favorite season.

    • My knee feels 100% again now, thank God! 😀 If it happens again I’ll ice it with a bag of frozen peas or something haha, don’t know why I didn’t think of that..
      Hahah, if you ever come to Norway I’ll make you lunch every day ;D
      Ouch :/ I hope you’ll get back to it soon too 🙂
      Much luck on the weightloss 🙂 I bet you’ll lose that pound! (or two) ^^
      Haha you Americans really do have insane A/C, every time I go into a store in NYC I feel like I just jumped into a pool of ice, crazy xD

  2. June is going to be a great month girl.!! I’m the same way about new months. I love new beginnings, not only that, but I’m a bit bias when it comes to june. cough my birthday month cough. haha. So, it’s my favorite month 🙂
    loooove that pineapple pic.!! is it your pic.? or from pinterest. Either way, I want some.
    and I think crunches work.! not as good as other exercises, but they do.

    • I love the whole idea of “a new beginning” for some reason haha 😀 Glad I’m not alone 😉
      AHH! When in June is your birthday?:D
      Thank you! 🙂 Yes, it’s my picture ^^ Haha, you should try it!

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