Five very different days

This week has been one of those weeks where things kind of seem to go really bad, but at the end of the day you just find something positive about everything anyway. I like that, I think this is what I’ve been waiting for and needed to get that last slice of the motivation-cake. That probably sounds weird, but sometimes all you need to get where you want is a week of random events. Some days you just need to go to bed and laugh a little of whatever happened that day. Life is weird, life is good.
sunny trail
Tuesday: it had been raining like crazy the whole day, but in the evening it cleared up a little. My mom and I had already scheduled a run together so it was really lucky for us. If the rain had still been on it’s worst we would probably have gone to the gym instead.
We started out with a comfortable pace on the old railroad. I thought we were just going to run the railroad path to the end and back home, but my mom had a different plan for us. When we got to the end of the railroad we ran up a hill into the woods. Up, up, up to the lake and keep going on the right side of the water. As I said it had been raining a lot that day (and the days before) so there where a lot of water pits and mud to avoid, which means a lot of walking aswell. Didn’t matter though, being outside was good enough. When we were almost on the other side of the lake it started to hail. Awesome, haha. The weather has been so weird lately. We went deeper in the woods, on this pretty cool looking path over wetlands made with planks. Whoever made it is a genius! It went from hail to rain, and we kept going. The trail got muddier and muddier, which I personally found really annoying. But we got through it. After lots of mud, water, rain, we were finally back on the old railroad and close to home. It was great.
rainy run
Wednesday: took a rest day and felt depressed. Went for a short 30 minute walk.

Thursday: it was warm and sunny outside so I went for a run at my regular route down by the river. It’s always so nice there when the weather is great. When I was around 2 km away from my boyfriend’s appartment my knee decided the run was over. It literally felt like someone punched me really hard on the knee from the side. It hurt like hell! Walking on it didn’t work, and I could pretty much forget about running. Just my luck, huh? After 2 km of pain and hard work (haha, I swear, I should have won a medal for dragging myself up that last hill with only 1 working leg) I was finally back inside. I have no idea what happened, there were no reasons for my knee to just quit on me like that. I talked to my mom and she said if it still hurt tomorrow I should go to the doctor.

Friday: woke up and my knee was still hurting, so I texted my mom and she got me an appointment at the doctor’s. Before I went there I met up with my friend, Julia, to celebrate the beginning of her summer vacation haha! We celebrated with a Starbucks Frappuccino and a long nice chat in the comfy chairs. Then it was time for my appointment. He twisted, poked and bent my knee, asked a bunch of questions, then wrapped it up by saying that it was probably just a knee strain and it would be okay again in a couple days. Phew! It should be back to normal on Monday.
Saturday: at the beginning of the week I had made a plan to do some trail running today because the weather was supposed to be amazing. After Thursday’s accident that plan kind of flew out the window, but the weather was too great to not do anything at all. My knee feels a lot better than it did, so I figured I could just go for a hike in the woods. Better than nothing.
I started where I had planned on running. And I’m happy I went for a hike instead of a run, haha, I didn’t remember how crazy some of these trails are. Walking them is much easier.
I haven’t been on that trail in a while and I had forgotten what paths to follow, and of course I keep taking the wrong ones and end up a little lost. I found this random little cabin that was locked with a padlock (what? lol). Then I didn’t find any good paths to take so I just started walking randonly through the woods in hopes of finding the trail again. I did, but apperantly I was on the complete opposite side of the lake than what I thought. Soon after I realize this I see this creepy guy standing behind a tree on the side of the trail. At first I didn’t think much about it, I figured he’d just been to mother nature’s public bathroom or whatever. But when I get closer he is still there, not walking onto the trail, saying hi or anything, just standing there being creepy and staring at me. It wasn’t like he was almost invisible, I could see the whole guy clear as day, from head to toe. He was just standing there, staring. I have seen waaaay too many episodes of Criminal Minds and CSI to keep on walking in his direction.
So, me being the paranoid person that I am, turned around and casually started walking back where I came from. I turned my head a little just to see if he was still there. He was, but this time he had moved, and not in the direction I wanted him to go. No. The creepy guy had started walking the same way as me! Heeeell no! I started sprinting up the hills as if I was being chased by a lion, I didn’t care that my knee started to hurt, I was now 100% sure this guy was going to kill me and I was running for my life. So dramatic, HAHA! But in all seriousness, it was really really scary. He probably wasn’t a murderer or rapist or whatever, just a creepy weirdo out for a walk who enjoys standing behind trees for no reason (is this what we call a tree hugger? haha!), but I get really paraniod when people do weird shit like that (sorry for my choise of words here). Don’t stand beind a tree for so long and then start walking the same way as me when you clearly see me turn around to get the hell away from you, you creep!
“Never look back, something might be gaining on you” – not sure where I have that from, but it was the only thing that was ringing in my head while I was running away like a freaked out chicken. It’s situations like this that makes me wish I had a dog. Finally I see some good old white and grey haired people and I knew I was safe. Yes, I trust the seniors, always! I figured if I was finally safe again I could might aswell continue my hike. So I kept going. And in the end it turned out to be a pretty great hike, if you look away from the whole creepy guy beind the tree episode. I even saw some really cool animals that I have no idea what was (looked like huge hares). Day well spent.

Have you done anything fun this week?
Ever experienced something creepy or scary on a run/hike/walk?

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8 Thoughts on “Five very different days

  1. Omg, I envy your great weather. It might have rained and hailed a little, but that’s better than it will ever be here in Bergen. I hear people sit in their bikinies around Oslo, while I’m stucked inside, watching the rain poor down, haha! So depressing.

    I remember one time I biked (?) home from Lierbyen to Reistad, approximately 3-4 km, and I see this elderly guy behind me, also on a bike (and you guessed right – I don’t trust old people). Didn’t care much about it at that time though, before he got closer, and then went past me. Then stopped, and it looked like he was waiting for me, before he started up again. I started to freak out a little, got before him and hid behind a big lump of soil until he got passed me and chose another path than me. And then I met him again, because the two roads ends up at the top and bottom of a hill, I went down, he went up. And I find myself pedaling as fast and hard as I can down the hill and up another onel, get home and run inside. Hello, my name is ms. paranoid.

    • Haha Bergen sounds so sad xD When you’re done with your exams you need to hurry yo’ lil butt back down here so you don’t drown in all that rain.

      Omg, I think I remember you telling me that! So creepy! Haha sounds like we come from the biggest ghetto ever xD

  2. I’m glad to hear that your knee is going to be okay!

    UGH creepy guy! I would have done the exact same thing. I think we *have* to trust our instincts when we’re out on a run or hike alone! I always feel a bit bad moving to the other side of the street when I’m running alone and see someone that makes me uneasy because I don’t want to be rude and make judgements based on appearance, but really it’s something that has to be done for safety. I mostly will move for every single man I see; I trust the seniors and most women because I think I could break from from them if they tried anything with me!

    • Thanks, me too! 🙂

      Yup, always listen to your instincts! Even if it might have been nothing, it could also have been something really bad so.. I know, right? Too bad there are so many huge steroid creeps out there these days xD at least I know I’ll be able to run faster than them and get away from them. I hate creepy people.

  3. Such beautiful pictures 🙂 Yes, walking the trails is so much easier than running them. Sometimes it’s really nice to just walk, enjoy the scenery and have easy breathing until you see creepy. That always freaks me out on trails too, no one should just be hanging , he should have been moving right?! I often take pepper spray with me, every so often I will forget it. I take it on my dark early morning runs as well, but it always seems like I pass someone creepy when I forget it.
    I hope that knee is feeling better now. I miss having a dog, but I don’t have to worry about being away from for long periods of times with the cats. I sometimes wish I was animal free now, me allergies seem to be getting worse, but they are really wonderful company.
    Take care 🙂

    • Thank you, Karen! <3
      Pepper spray is such a smart thing to bring! I have never considered it before, but after this I've been very "where can I buy some pepper spray? i'm never going out in the woods alone ever again!" xD Haha, that's so typical! But that's probably because you don't notice them as much when you do bring it because you feel more safe then.
      It feels so much better! Soon it will probably be back to normal 🙂 Cats are the best, I wish I could run with Alaska haha 🙂 Do you take anything for your allergies? :O

  4. The area looks amazing. Haven’t run into any creepy people but the wild animals get me all the time. They tend to pop out of know where and scare the day light out of me.

    • It really is, and the best part is that is just a couple minutes from my house :3 I guess guys don’t run into creeps as often as females do haha. Oh wow, and doesn’t Arizona have a lot of “dangerous” animals? Stop me if I’m wrong, but you guys have a lot of snakes and stuff, don’t you? If I lived there I would be in constant fear of running into some toxic snake or spider etc haha xD

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