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I have always loved living close to the woods. When I was younger I would go for long random walks there just to explore and enjoy the beauty that surrounded me. Yet since I started running I have not been the biggest fan of running there. But that’s about to change. Well, it already kind of has, I just need to get better at it.
This summer my dad and I are going to San Francisco together and I really wanted to use this opportunity to sign up for my first race in the US while we’re there. I wasn’t able to find any races that took place on one of the days we’re there, but lucky for me my dad did. La Sportiva Table Rock. It’s a 10k trail race – two things that I’ve stayed away from. I told myself I would never do a 10k race because I am really scared I’ll be the slowest person there, and trail running is really not something I have much experience with. But hey, it’s never a bad idea to challenge yourself, right? Step out of the comfort zone. Yesterday we finally signed up for the race, and I am super excited about it! You can click here to see more details about the race.
comfort zone
The race is only 2 months away and before then I really need some hardcore trail training. Yesterday my mom and I decided to go for a run together in the woods. We drove up to a place called Lierskogen and ran on a trail there that my mom knew about. It had a little bit of everything; cute little paths, forest roads, paths filled with tree roots, annoying random marsh and muddy holes. I might have complained a couple times, but all in all I really enjoyed our run. We ran 10,60 km in 1 hour and 20-something minutes. Makes me realize how much harder trail running really is. And we didn’t even have that many hills on this route. Sure, we did have to take a few walk breaks, but still.. 20-something minutes slower than my regular 10 km runs.
It’s going to be fun to see how much I’m able to improve myself at this whole trail running thing. Lucky for me my parents’ house is super close to the woods with a lot of steep hills, and my boyfriend’s appartment is also very close to the woods, plus it’s close to a huge slalom slope which will be great for longer hill runs. After yesterday’s run I feel really comfortable with what I’ve signed up for. Running in the woods was a lot more fun than I had expected. As long as I don’t fall on my face and break something I think I’ll enjoy this new way of running a whole lot. I’m excited!

Do you enjoy challenging yourself every once in a while?
Ever signed up for a trail race? If yes, how was it?

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12 Thoughts on “Trail run & Race plans

  1. I have missed all of your pretty running pictures! Do you take your pics with your phone or do you bring a camera?

    That’s so exciting that you signed up for a race in SF! I really want to do an international race as soon as possible. When I was in London last year there was an all night race going on that I didn’t know about until I saw everyone running with their multi-colored glowy lights on. I wish I had signed up for that!

    • They are back! 😀 Haha. I’ve honestly missed posting them. So much nicer than those boring treadmill photos. I just take them with my phone 🙂

      I’m super excited about it 😀 Finally getting to run a race in USA. Too bad it’s not a half marathon, but it’s still a race and it’s going to be fun to try something new :3 Aww, how typical is that? Next time you’re in Europe you should do some research and see if there are any races wherever you are going 😀

  2. Beautiful! I love trail running more than any other kind. Those look like stunning trails!

  3. I have done a couple of trail races. It is true that you cannot compare paces/times with road races, and that part of the allure. When I run on the trails it forces me to stay in the present–you have to watch every step. I also find I am “total body” tired–they can be hard work!!
    Beautiful pictures! So fun that you will be running a race in SF!

    • Absolutely! 🙂 Haha, in my mind everything about trail running is hard work 🙂
      Thank you, Cheryl! 😀
      I am really looking forward to the race 😀 AND San Francisco – I’ve never been there before :3

  4. Trail running is such a different feel! My pace is always about a minute a mile slower, even though the effort feels just as hard. Taking mom and training in the woods is the way to go 🙂 How exciting a trip to San Francisco and a race!
    You will not be the slowest person there and hey, if you do come in “later” celebrate it 🙂 You still finished. I understand this fear, the local running club here is full of fast BQ type runners. Whenever I go to an event I am always worried I may the last person. I have decided if it ever happens i am going to jump and down like I won lol why not:)
    Your country is so pretty – love the trail shot of you .

    • If I am the slowest it doesn’t really matter though, because apperantly the last person to cross the finish line will get a prize haha 😀 Sweet of them 🙂 It’s going to be fun no matter what the time is going to be, I’m just excited to do a race there 😀 I need to keep telling myself this haha. YESSS haha! We could look at it as a backwards race, the last person wins ;D San Francisco is going to be amazing no matter what though, the trip is the most important thing – the race is just a plus :3
      Thank you, Karen! 😀

  5. Trail running is the best. Now that you’re converting, I expect lots or trail pics and maybe even a video. 🙂

  6. You may not believe me, but I love trail running! So much more fun because you need to be sharp all the time, and I think its nicer to run in the forest too (sorry for my bad English, I’m in a philosophic kind of mood right now). I don’t have the stamina to get through the whole run, but that’s just a matter of training.

    It’s so cool that you’ve signed up for a run! I wish I could come with you and run by your side too, that would be so awesome, haha <3 Looking forward to follow your progress ^^

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