Healthy Easter Egg

Holidays can be hard when you’re trying to eat healthy. Everyone around you is enjoying all kinds of colorful sweets, while you’re sitting there in the corner with the little angel-you on your right shoulder telling you to replace the sugar-filled snacks with an apple and the devil-you on the left telling you to jump into the syrup-dripping pool of deliciousness. I know I’m not the only one who ends up snapping the angel-you off your shoulder and flys away to the cotton candy clouds with your new best friend to the left. Easter is just like all the other Holidays, temptations everywhere.
Easter Egg for the Fitness Fanatic
One of the Easter traditions here in Norway is to fill a hollow cardboard egg with candy. The Easter Bunny leaves these eggs for the kids *cough, cough, or the young adults* to find. What a nice bunny! How perfect does that sound: a whole egg filled with all your unhealthy favorite sweets. I know; yum! For some people the Easter Egg tradition is yet another great excuse to allow themselves a lot more chocolate and sweets than they normally would, but at the same time it might leave you feeling angry and disappointed with yourself for “ruining” your progress (talking from experience, haha). But it doesn’t have to be unhealthy.
Healthy Easter Egg
Instead of the chocolate, lollipops and gummy bears, you can fill the egg with healthier options. Here’s a little list of ideas for healthier snacks to put in there.

– Energy bars.
– Protein bars.
– Cereal bars.
– Granola bars.
– Portion sized bags of protein powder.
– Portion sized trail mix bags.
– Portion sized peanut/almond butter.
– Portion boxes of raisins.
– Dried fruits.
Fitness Easter Egg
It’s also normal to put a little non-edible thing inside the egg (or on the side if your egg isn’t elephant-sized), and here are some ideas I could come up with that would fit any fitness fanatic.

– Running socks.
– Sport bra.
– T-shirt or tank top.
– Headphones.
– Headband.
– Magazines.
– Mini hand weights.
Happy Easter
I’m not going to lie: I did beg my parents to get my brother and I Easter Eggs this year. And because our parents are awesome we got our unhealthy candy-filled eggs. I’m no saint and I won’t lie, I’ve been extremely unhealthy this Easter. Tomorrow I’m going to lift the little angel back up on my shoulder and go back to my healthy lifestyle. Happy Easter!

What are some of the Easter traditions where you live?
Have you had a good Easter? Done anything fun?

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8 Thoughts on “Healthy Easter Egg

  1. I ate an entire bag of jelly beans since last week. I hate when I get on the sugar kick! I am off it this week.
    I like the healthy treat eggs ideas 🙂 I did my son some cologne, Axe body wash, and some useful things in his basket, but I threw in a bunch of snickers too.
    I am being lazy in bed this morning. I took off work, I am thinking i should work out, but can’t make my self move lol

  2. I do get my kids Easter baskets, and I put candy in them, but not a crazy amount. I also put in flip-flops, magazines, t-shirts, etc. We typically go to a sunrise Easter service at the beach–BRRRRRR>

  3. The healthy treats is a great idea. Hey don’t be too hard on yourself, I think we all give into that little devil from time to time.

  4. awee. Love this. Your parents are so awesome. Healthy indeed.!!
    glad you also enjoyed some non healthy also though 🙂

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