Berlin, Berlin!

Hello, and Happy Easter everyone! The plan was to write all this in a post while it was still fresh in my mind, but thanks to my slow stupid old laptop that wasn’t possible. Next week I’m buying a new one, you have no idea how much I’m looking forward to getting a computer that doesn’t take an hour just to start up, haha (seriously though..). This is not the recap for the Berlin Half Marathon, that will come later, this is just a little recap of the trip overall.
On Saturday, March 28th, I woke up 3:30 in the morning (or night, as I would call it). Got ready and left for the airport. We had an early flight so we pretty much had to be up early. Norway – Sweden – Germany.
We stayed at the same place as we did last year, but this year we got a much better room. I’m not sure if I can really call it a hotel, it’s more like a bunch of appartments they rent out. Kitchen and livingroom upstairs, bedrooms and bathroom downstairs. I loved it! After some resting in our appartment we went to the expo to pick up our bibs.
Berlin half marathon expo
With my hand on my heart I can truly say I think the Berlin Half Marathon expo must be one of the best running related expos in the world! It’s huge with all kinds of different stands, a huge crowd of people, lots of freebies and fun things. Sure, I haven’t been to that many, but this is by far my favorite.
Berlin half marathon
I even bought a pair of shoes! I’ve been using Nike Free Run+ 5.0 ever since I first started running, and I am so in love with those shoes. Sadly they are really hard to find now because they don’t make this model as they used to anymore, and I am not the biggest fan of the look of the new style of them. They had only 1 pair left, and it was obviously my lucky day because they were my size and in a color I didn’t already have. Thanks to everyone who didn’t buy this pair before I found them, haha!
nike free run 5.0
Here they are, my lovely new pair of Nike Free Run+ 5.0.
marathon fuel
In the evening we went out to eat our pre race dinner. And I ate a lot. Started with some bread dipped in vinegar and oil, as gross as it might sound to some of you it’s actually delicious. Then we shared a plate of grilled and marinated (if I remember right) vegetables. Probably the best veggies I’ve ever eaten! Then, last but not least, pasta penne with homemade tomato and hot pepper sauce. I was so full by the end I thought I was going to die, haha! After our meal we went back to the appartment and went to sleep.
berlin half marathon
Early morning the next day. It was all about the race. I’ll do another post that will just be about the race very soon! But I can tell you this much: it went really well. On our way back to the appartment we stopped by this cute little bakery by the corner and bought some food. Got “home”, ate, stretched, showered, put on some fresh clothes and relaxed. Both my parents fell asleep, and I went out to buy some postcards. After many many hours of rest we went out to eat. Same place as yesterday. This time I had pizza. This one waiter was the best! It started with him making fun of my skinny arms, when our pizzas came he saw it and walked quickly over to our table and took my pizza. I had no idea what he was doing because he literally just took my plate with the huge italian pizza and disappeared with it. When he came back he had cut it in slices for me. Because I obvoiusly had too skinny arms to do it myself, HAHA! I’m not going to lie, my arms are sickly and I should really start training them.
mozarella tomato salad
Monday, March 30th, our trip back to Norway began. We packed our bags, left the “hotel” and went to the airport. Everything went smooth except for when the security people didn’t understand what my polaroid camera was and had to scan it a couple times. Not that that didn’t go smooth either, they thought my camera was awesome and told me they had never seen a camera like mine. So that was cool, thanks to the Tegel airport security people for making me smile, hihi. Hungy as always and with too much extra time on the airport we decited to eat something. I had a chocolate muffin, and a tomato mozarella salad. So good. After a while we were on our way to Helsinki, Finland.
The airport in Helsinki was awesome! When I was little I was obsessed with this cartoon called Moomin (or “Mummitrollet” as it’s called in Norwegian). It’s from Finland, and to my great surprise they had a whole Moomin shop at the airport! I bought a few things (still regret not buying this amazing laptop soft case they had). If I was rich I would have bought the whole store, it was too cute, oh my! I hope I can go back there some day.
Then we were finally on our way to Norway. No more stops. The flight felt so long, and I was exhausted when we landed. It was a great trip, and I am already looking forward to going back in 2016. The race recap will come very soon. I hope everyone is having a great Easter!

Marie Alessandra

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8 Thoughts on “Berlin, Berlin!

  1. Sounds like a fun trip!! Can’t wait to hear all about the race – glad it went well!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time and ate some yummy food! Looking forward to hearing about your race experience. I noticed that the packet pickup area had English on the sign… do a lot of people speak English? I am always so curious about this. 🙂

    • I did 😀
      Yeaa, pretty much everyone can speak English, at least a little bit haha. They can’t just write it in German even though the race takes place in Germany, because there are so many people from different countries who runs 🙂

  3. I love the pictures from the air!! So cool when you are above the clouds! Sounds like a great trip and to find a favorite pair of running shoes 🙂 Good score!
    The place you stayed looks really neat. Very cute.
    The racks that are holding the bags at the airport are very cool.
    I can’t believe the waiter cut your pizza lol

    • Thank you, Karen 🙂 I know, right? 😀 So happy I found a pair!
      I loved those racks haha, it’s one (well.. 3) of the characters from Moomin :3 Hattifnatter.
      Hahahah I know, right? :’D

  4. Personally I don’t like NIke’s for running in. butttt. those are super cute.!! and it sounds like it was meant to be 🙂
    Recap.!?? please 🙂
    I want to hear all about your race and how it went. But I get it, you must be relaxing from all of your travels.

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