Great 10K & Preparing for Berlin

On Saturday I went for a run with my mom on the old railroad. This whole week has had pretty depressing weather and this was the first sunny day since Sunday last week, so there were a lot of people out walking and enjoying the weather on the path. Thankfully we didn’t run into any human blockades, haha! Except for all the trouble I keep having with my breathing it was a really nice run. Hit the 10 km mark in 58 minutes and 25 seconds. And I am extremely happy with that! That’s my fastest 10 km so far this year.
meal prep
Today was meal prep time again. We’re only 1 week away from Berlin half marathon today, and I know that it is really important for me to be on point with my eating this week. I prepped my lunches and dinners for Monday to Friday, we’re going to Germany on Saturday so I don’t need to do any more prepping for the week other than buying a few protein bars I can bring with me, I think. For lunch I’ll have 2 protein waffles (I also add banana and berries and/or PB2 when I eat it). Dinner for two of the days are veggies and chickpeas, and for the three other days I’ll have veggies and whole grain pasta penne. I’ll add unsweetened ketchup or some spices right before I eat it. Plus, I might add some tofu “chicken” if I feel like it’s necessary. Snacks will be Questbars, and breakfast will be oatmeal with banana and berries. When it comes to hydration I’ll do my best to drink enough water every day, for some reason I still find this harder than it should be..

How has your weekend been?
Do you have any plans for the week?

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12 Thoughts on “Great 10K & Preparing for Berlin

  1. Congrats on the speedy 10K!

    Do you have any specific goals for this upcoming half marathon or are you planning to just go with the flow and see what happens?

    Your waffles look so fluffy and delicious!

  2. I wish I could be that organized with my meal planning. I am really trying to have all my meals planned out this week for the family because coaching track starts up again and when we arrive home the kids are STARVING! I typically prep in the morning and use the crockpot or oven timer so it is ready when we get home…we will see how it goes!

    I am all in favor of just skipping spring and heading to summer. A lot of spring is rain and dreary and cold!
    Good luck in Berlin!

  3. Great job on that 10K!
    Good luck with your final week before the Berlin half – can’t wait to hear all about it.

  4. Great 10K time! I hope that’s a good omen for your half 🙂
    Your meal prep is great and I think adding some extras in before the race is a great idea. Drink bunches of water a few days before and you should feel ready to roll 🙂
    I biked 30 miles this weekend, my legs feel tired today lol but I am glad. I am having a hard time not running, since my leg has been burning again after PT.

    • Thank you, Karen! 😀
      You are so great with the bike these days 😀 I’m sorry your leg is bothering you still.. I hope it will get fixed soon so you can get back to your quality runs.

  5. Hey that is a great 10k time. Don’t you love it when you go out and there are tons of people out enjoying the weather. Makes me feel like part of an exclusive club lol.

    Wow now that is food prep right there, geez lol.

  6. always so healthy 🙂 good job on your 10k that defenitly has to be a confidence booster as you are getting closer to your half marathon. I look forward to hearing about your race 🙂
    tofu chicken. hmm sounds interesting.

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