The dark side of Spring

Yesterday I did something very out of the ordinary for me. I cut my hair! At a saloon, – which is a big deal to me because last time I did that the hairdresser didn’t care about how much I allowed her to cut and she cut off waaay too much. This time I had a great hairdresser who respected my wishes, thank God. No, I don’t have short hair now, you probably wouldn’t even notice a difference. My boyfriend said it looks longer now, haha! But I can see and feel the difference, and I love it.
Simple Runner
Today I went for a 10 km run in the lovely spring weather. All the stroller rollers, old people and dog walkers are back on my main running path too, sadly haha. It wasn’t my best run, not even the second best. Honestly, it was pretty bad.. Pollen from alder and hazel is going insane over here at the moment, and today I could really feel it while I ran. On April 7th I’m going to the doctor for some allergy tests so I can’t take any allergy pills before after that appointment, to make sure the results won’t get messed up. Hopefully I’ll get some stonger allergy meds after I’m done with all the tests (I don’t want a repeat of last year’s allergy hell!). If you’re allergic to some sort of pollen you know what I’m talking about.. But even though pollen made the run a less-than-great run it was nice to get out in the amazing weather. I also really hope someone will swipe away all the gravel from the roads soon. Haha, sorry about all this complaining. I’m still really happy spring has arrived! I don’t think we have to wait very long before we can start running with shorts and t-shirts over here.
post workout lunch
After my run I threw together a quick post-run lunch. I wasn’t in the mood for anything warm, so I decited to have whole wheat cereal with soy milk, a banana and some strawberries instead of my regular warm protein lunch. I’m adapting to the weather, okay? Haha.

Do you have any issues with pollen?
What did you have for lunch today?

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10 Thoughts on “The dark side of Spring

  1. Oh yes, I totally understand the allergy situation. According to my last allergy test I am allergic to every single thing outside! Every type of tree, every type of grass, etc. My doctor told me to avoid spending any time outside. I was like. “sorry doc, I gotta run so you better give me the good meds!” 🙂 I hope your doctor gets things sorted out for you!

    • Hahaha oh my God, I feel for you. Do you have to take allergy shots or are you okay just taking pills? Haha what kind of doctor suggests something like that? :’) I really hope so too. Thank you 🙂

  2. Fortunately, I do not get allergies where I live. But I have lived in Oregon most of my life, so I am used to everything that spurts up during the spring. When I lived down in Houston, I wasn’t at all used to the spring conditions and had allergies, so I can understand how you feel. It’s definitely not fun! Hopefully you are able to get it under control after visiting the doctor.

    Your lunch looks so beautiful with the banana and strawberry. I have been eating a bowl of cereal with bananas almost every day since being pregnant – major craving!!!

  3. Your banana and strawberries look so fancy plated like that!!!
    I don’t really have allergies but my sinuses have been a mess lately – I know it is just the changing weather.

  4. I feel your allergy pain, it makes you feel blah. I have allergies all the time. I need to to do the testing, but I always put it off. I have itchy throaty, sneezy, swelling, the whole nine yards.
    Isn’t great to get a good haircut! It makes your hair feel healthy 🙂
    Don’t you hate when people show up on your running path?! lol I have a few sections where I run on a narrow path beside a road and I hate when someone won’t move an inch for me:/

    • Me too haha, even though I KNOW I need stronger allergy meds. But now I just had to get it done because last year ruined so much running for me. GET THE TEST DONE, GURRRLLL! 🙂
      It’s amazing! My hair feels so great now, and it doesn’t tangle up anymore :O 😀
      YESSS! It’s the most annoying thing ever!

  5. Omg, you got to post a picture of your new hair (or the new length of your hair)! And I totally know what you mean by the allergies. I have never been allergic to pollen until two years ago. I think I was so much exposed to it, that the allergy just came sneaking. Last summer was the worst for me, with so much itching in my eyes, my nose wouldn’t stop running and you know. All the allergy-stuff. Hope they find out more at your doctors appointment!

    Today, my luch was buffét at our student café. Basically, I could take as much food as I wanted for 75 kr, from 12 to 18. I love being a student. Your post-run luch looked delish!

    • Darn, I forgot to do it again! I’ll do it soon, or just send you a picture on snapchat or something 😉
      Last summer was pure hell, most days I woke up blind with eyes swelled up looking like hamburgers :'( And it’s hard enough for me as it is to breathe through my nose, with allergy hell on top of that there’s no way I can use my nose. Which I kind of need to.. I really hope I’ll get some crazy stong allergy meds! I can’t live through another summer like the one last year..

      YUM! 😀 I need to visit you as soon as possible. You can buy me lunch HAHA! xD

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