A breath of fresh air

Guess who finally got to run outside on Sunday!? Yes, I ran my very first outside-run of the year. It has started to get warmer, the snow is melting, there’s water and ice everywhere, spring is getting closer and I couldn’t be happier! I’m looking forward to more runs outside.
I was prepared for a run on the treadmill on Sunday, but my mom figured the weather was nice enough for us to try running outside again. So that’s what we did. I put on 2 long-sleeved shirts and a thin jacket, gloves and wool socks, ready to go, haha! We did the whole walk, run, walk run thing. There’s still a lot of ice on the roads, which makes it hard to just run. But hey, it was still great. 13,85 km.
simple runner
We had planned on doing a longer run, but the sun disappeared behind a blanket of grey clouds so we decited to cut it short because it got a lot colder once the sun was gone.
meal prep
After the run I started the meal prepping. I love having all my meals ready all week. On the menu this week: whole grain pasta, asparagus, carrot, broccoli and cauliflower for dinner (I add spices, salsa, tofu, etc. normally too, but I add that right before I eat it), protein waffles for lunch. I don’t bother getting my breakfasts ready – it’s just oatmeal with banana and berries and/or peanut butter. Making that when I wake up isn’t a problem. Simple, easy, great.
simple runner
What did you eat for breakfast today?
Do you prefer running outside or on the treadmill?

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14 Thoughts on “A breath of fresh air

  1. I definitely prefer outdoor running, but I haven’t ever had to run in snow. That might change my mind. Those icicles are amazing!

  2. Dang – it looks so cold!!! You and your mom are hard core to get out there in that weather and run!!

  3. Definitely prefer running outside, but I don’t own a treadmill so indoor running isn’t really an option. Unless I want to run from living room to kitchen and back again. I would want a lot of layers to go running with that much snow though!

  4. Oh my gosh! Look at you all bundled up! Despite the cold I bet it felt so good to break free of the treadmill for the day!

  5. You look so cool and intense dressed to run in th e snow. Lol. Only reason I want snow is to look cool outside. Ha. Buttt we haven’t gotten any at all this year.
    And your little waffles look adorable : )

  6. I am an outdoor runner if at all possible. If it is going to be icy or something, I try to plan that day for a rest day or lifting day. But sometimes you just GOTTA run, but you can’t (like today, it is -33 with windchill!!!) so then I would be very thankful for the treadmill.

    However, I lifted legs yesterday for the first time in months and I am experiencing some major DOMS, so there are no runs in my very near future!

  7. Awww, it took you a month in the new year to get outside, I just realized how cold and snowy it must be for you! It always looks so pretty where you are. I bet it felt nice to be out, I can’t wait!! I have only logged 63 miles of running before I got hurt.
    Your hair is really pretty!! Has it always been long?
    Your meal prepping continues to impress me 🙂 Very healthy girl, good job!!!

    • Yea haha :0 The weather is getting so much better now though, thank God! 😀
      Awwe, thank you! No, I always wanted long hair but the first time I had great lenght was when I was 12 (then I cut it to shoulder lenght because I was bored with it), after that I tried growing it long again, but I wasn’t very successful haha. I had hair extensions when I was 15-16 (but those destroyed my hair).. After that I had idk.. down-to-the-boobs lenght (HAHA!). It’s just the past 2-3 years it has gotten REALLY long again. I stopped dying it and I am much healthier, so I think that helped 🙂
      Thank you! 😀

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