Snow & a scary morning

I figured I should post something today, being the last day of January and everything. Last week I said we had gotten a lot of snow, but the day after I posted that it started raining.. It rained for most of the week, but yesterday it started snowing again (haha, what?). After work today I went for a little hike, so now I can finally share some snow pictures with you guys!
This year I’ve been running intervals once a week with my mom, but this week my mom has been sick so we had to change things a little. Monday and Tuesday became rest days. On Wednesday we went to the gym together, my mom walked on treadmill while I ran for 30 minutes.
Thursday became a rest day aswell, because we had planned to go to the gym together on Friday evening.
I probably should have gone to the gym Thursday morning anyway, because Friday morning was kind of scary for me and pretty much ruined the evening run we had planned.
After I got out of the shower Friday morning I got these really heavy, intense cramps in my stomach. At first I though “guess it’s that time of the month..”. But no. I’m just going to tell the story very quick and make it as short as I can..
It was the worst pain ever, and I sat down on the toilet because I was sure it had to be that time of the month or maybe the oatmeal kicking in or whatever, haha. While I was sitting there the cramps were extreme, I was so dizzy, and I was sure I was going to throw up. I tried to think of every possible reason for why this was happening. First I was all “god damn, I probably have ebola!”, then it was “f*ck, I’m about to give birth, I’ve probably been pregnant for 9 months now without knowing!”, after all kinds of weird reasons had spun around in my head for a while I came to the conclusion that no matter what it was, one thing was for sure; I was going to die. You can’t imagine how bad this was, I have never felt this kind of pain in my life.
I was finally able to get out crawl out of the bathroom. Went to put on some clothes (rememer, this happened right after my shower). I put on underwear, then I turned into jelly and just sank down on the floor. So now I’m laying on my stomach on the floor. Great. I was so dizzy – everything was spinning, and all I could think was “I don’t want to die now! When Simen wakes up the first thing he’ll see is a dead me. Thank God I cleaned the floor yesterday.. Why couldn’t I die at home instead..”. It was weird. I pretty much stayed like that for 15-20 minutes before I was able to roll around and lay on my back instead. Still not able to get up. I literally wasn’t able to move much at all – I could move my face and my toes, but that’s about it. I was on my back for 20-25 minutes before I was able to move and start trying to get up. Hurried to put on some clothes, looked in the mirror – pale as a ghost, sat down on the sofa and took a pain killer with some water.
I’m not sure what happened, but it was really scary and I never want that to happen ever again. I was okay again after, but instead of running that evening I just walked with my mom for 30 minutes.

How has your January been?
Any plans for February?

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14 Thoughts on “Snow & a scary morning

  1. Yikes! That sounds scary and I definitely hope that never happens to you again. You might need to get some medical advice. Take care of yourself!!!

  2. Oh man, that sounds like an awful experience! I hope it doesn’t happen again. If it does you should def check with your doc!

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. The sky, the snow, the trees… it really looks like a winter wonderland!

  3. I am BEYOND jealous of your gorgeous view. I miss snow and conifers like crazy.

    That kind of really bad pain can sometimes be an allergic reaction to something. Do you have any food allergies? I get that kind of debilitating, crippling stomach pain when I accidentally eat gluten (I have celiac). Definitely get it checked out if it happens again!

    • 😀

      I thought about that, but I had only eaten things I eat every day.. So I’m sure it wasn’t an allergic reaction. I will! I thought I was going to die, and I really don’t want to experience that again 😐

  4. That would definitely be scary!! When the body does something abnormal and painful, it always worries me. You may seek some medical advice just to make sure everything is OK. Hopefully it was just a one time episode.

    You are truly living in a beautiful winter wonderland. Great photos!!

  5. Oh, I am glad you are OK! That would be very scary. I would be sure to have that checked out!

    Your snow pictures are beautiful!

  6. Yikes- sounds scary. I hope it hasn’t happened again since. Take care of yourself!
    We’ve had a brutal winter with barely any snow (very rare). Your pictures make me want more to fall here!

    • It hasn’t happened again, Thank God! And I hope it never happens again.. If it does the first thing i’ll do is to call my doctor – or a freaking ambulance haha. Seriously.
      I hope you get more snow 😀

  7. Your hiking pictures are beautiful!
    That is a very scary episode. I have been sick and doubled over a few times like that in my life, but for different reasons. I hope you don’t have that happen again!
    I wil say the issues I have now have been checked and doucmented and sometimes I will have a flair up in my colon, I can feel nauseous and sweaty and have awful moments, but they usually pass quick. It’s lesions inside that cause it.
    When I was younger I had some vitamin deficiency and once I got the numbers better it helped.
    You work hard, and eat healthy, I really do hope you feel better and haven’t had another episode.

    • Thank you! 😀
      It hasn’t happened again, so at least that’s good 🙂
      Oh wow, that doesn’t sound very pleasant at all.. That actually sounds extremely scary :/ I hope it doesn’t happen to you too often..
      I didn’t even think about that; I have vitamin deficiencys all the time, yes – my doctor probably hates me haha. Maybe that was the problem :0
      Thank you, Karen 🙂

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