Great week

This has been a pretty great week for both running and nutrition. The 3 days of meal prep meals went as planned, and now I’m ready to put together more meals this weekend. This time I’ll make more than 3 days worth of meals. Oh, and I haven’t had any Pepsi Max! Just water! I had some really bad headaches the first days from the lack of caffeine, but now it’s okay. On Monday it started snowing here, and it didn’t stop before sometime yesterday. So much snow! Don’t think I’ll get to run outside again before March. But at least it’s beautiful to look at. Hopefully I’ll have time to go for a walk one day when I’m at home, so I can take some nice pictures and show ya’ll how stunning it is here when it’s covered in snow. Other than that I’ve also had a lot of fun with my workouts, I’ve become one of those annoying gym rats.
On Tuesday I ran intervals with my mom again. This time we did a 1-2-3-4-5 type of interval. We were supposed to do 4-3-2-1 after the 5th, but again, I’m not used to this yet and we had to change it to 2-2-1.
On Thursday I woke up early and ran for 30 minutes on my own treadmill. It’s so much harder to run on the treadmill in my room than the ones at the gym! But still, it was nice to get it done. I wasn’t sure if I would run that evening because I had a dentist appointment and I was scared I’d get some bad news. But guess what, everything is fine! I don’t have to see the dentist again before next year unless I feel pain from my sleeping tooth (aka. horizontal wisdom tooth, haha)! And another amazing thing: I almost didn’t cry this time! Yes, I freak out at the dentist office, haha. Because I didn’t need to feel bad for myself that evening I went to the gym. 2nd run for the day. 45 easy minutes. Felt great!
Today I went to the gym again (surprise, surprise!). I got there a lot later than I like when I run in the morning, and of course that meant all the good treadmills at the back row were taken. So I had to run at the next best choice, first treadmill on first row.. I have a favorite treadmill and I get really annoyed when other people use it, haha! I only ran for 30 minutes. But hey, it’s Friday and I ran twice yesterday, so it’s okay.
So far this has been a great week, and I’m sure the rest will match. Tomorrow I have a rest day, and on Sunday I’m running with my mom again. It’s my dad’s birthday on Monday so I guess I’ll spend my rest day looking for a present for him. Sorry that this was a really long post, I need to get better at posting more often haha.

How has your week been?
Do you like snow? How’s the weather where you live?

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12 Thoughts on “Great week

  1. I feel totally off when someone is using MY treadmill. I keep imaging that the random treadmill is uneven or shaking or just generally weird! haha

    Such a bummer that you won’t be able to run outside again until march. Your pictures this fall/winter were so pretty. I love seeing the outside areas that you get to run. Just a month or so to go until you’re back outside though! šŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow – lots of good running!!! Glad it has been such a great week. Enjoy your weekend.
    The snow is pretty but I don’t enjoy it at all!

  3. How much snow do you have now? At least you get to run on a super nice treadmill ā€“ so fancy!! Great week of running. Two in one day? Crazy girl. ā˜ŗ The weather where I live has been unseasonably warm. This weekend it is supposed to be 60F when the average around this time of year is 20F. I am loving it!!

  4. Sounds like you had a great week! I desperately need to get back on track. This post was super motivating!

  5. Your winter wonderland looks beautiful!! You are doing great running at the gym, it’s nice mom does some of your interval work with you- good motivation!
    I am the same way, I have my favorite treadmill and i feel like I can’t run in different spot at the gym lol of course now anyone can touch it, because it’ll be awhile before I need it.
    Caffeine headaches are the worst , glad you survived.

    • I wish I could post a note on the treadmill with “reserved for Marie” or something HAHAH xD Awe, Karen <3 I hope your leg recovery goes well, sending prayers and positive thoughts your way šŸ™‚

  6. I never run on a treadmill, but I could totally see how you could have a favorite. Ooh ran twice in one day, I’ve always wanted to do that. How do you feel on the second run of the day.?

    Great job on your running and nutrition.!! šŸ™‚

    • Haha šŸ˜€ I felt pretty good on the second šŸ™‚ I’ve always wanted to do two runs in a day when I can run outside. So some day this year I guess I’ll have to do that :3
      Thank you! šŸ˜€

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