Foodie Sunday

After an hour on the treadmill, which by the way was great, I went home and started cooking like a crazy person. I made meals for 3 days instead of 4-5 as I originally had planned (my boxes have disappeared!). Dinner and lunch. For dinner we have: whole grain pita pocket with peas, carrot, corn, cauliflower and broccoli. If the dinners are too small I’ll make some tofu chicken to put in the pita pockets aswell. And for lunch we’re having: protein waffles. I’ll put berries, peanut butter or banana on the protein waffles when I eat them.
The Questbars are snack between lunch and dinner. For breakfast I’ll be having oatmeal (oats + water, that’s the only way I like it) with cinnamon, banana and berries, and for early snacks I’ll have apples, oranges or yoghurt. Don’t think I’ve forgotten anything now, haha. I’ll also be drinking a lot more water, which means no more Pepsi Max for me, no ma’am! I drink way too much of that stuff. Hopefully this will work, and I’ll be back to a healthy eating routine in no time. I’m excited about this, haha! Wish me luck.

What’s your favorite food?
Any special plans for the week?

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16 Thoughts on “Foodie Sunday

  1. Wow – great job on all of the food prep!!!
    I’m sure this will get you back on track in no time!

  2. Omg, I’m so freakin’ impressed that you are able to do that! I’ve tried foodprepping once, and it did not went well.. Haha! Good job! I like how you have planned every meal, that’s probably the best way to get that routine up and running

  3. Alright, my comment got cut out, so this is part 2: as I’m sick atm my favorite food is… Sjokoladepudding (and I have no idea how to write that in English

  4. … Just realised that I can’t have any emojis in my comments. Haha, sorry for spamming you! Part 3: but in general I would have to sat Taco as my favorite food. I love how you can add ingredients to make it you’re own meal! <3

  5. Wow so healthy.!! That is super good, I can’t even commit to making lunch once a week. Haa.
    My favorite food would be lasagna or sweet potatoes. I never have lasagna though, too long to make. Lol. But sweet potatoes are my go to food.!

  6. Looks fantastic…protein waffles yum, yum….

  7. Nice job on the food prep! Do you re-toast the waffles when you’re ready to eat them? I’ve tried to pre-make waffles before and they got soggy 🙁 womp womp.

  8. Great job preppin ahead 🙂 I always have a very hard time being prepared with lunches everyday. I like to have couscous with some kind of vegetable for lunch, it’s one of my favs

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