2 runs and Meal prep

This week has been a pretty good week when it comes to running. I’ve been looking forward to getting to the gym and running on the treadmill, no joke. On Thursday my mom had spin class so I ran on the treadmill while she was on the bike. Very slow and comfortable. I ran for an hour, 8,59 km. After that I did my 200 crunches and stretched. On Friday I took the bus to the gym for a short run. While I was changing into my running clothes I realized I had forgotten to bring a sports bra – what?! I ran over to the grocery store and bought a new one. Thank goodness I prefer Pierre Robert (you can buy them at the grocery store, haha!). Then I ran for 30 minutes, followed by 200 crunches and stretching. Not the most exciting week, but still good. Tomorrow I’m going to run with my mom again.
The biggest thing I need to work on right now is nutrition. Some days I’m great, some days I’m slacking, and yesterday was filled with chips and crap. Lately I’ve even been too lazy to make real meals. But to reach my goals I have to get back to a good eating routine, a schedule. I’m good at those, haha. I’m going to start meal prepping again, because that’s a pretty easy way to make sure everything goes as planned and not worry about having a lazy day where I don’t want to cook. So tomorrow after the gym I’ll be making 4-5 dinners. That’ll be fun. After I post this I’m going to make a written meal plan so I know what I’ll have to make tomorrow, and if I have to prep any other meals aswell. When I think about it I’ll probably get my lunches ready tomorrow too. It just makes everything easier.
I’m getting tired of posting treadmill photos all the time, so today I’m showing you my water bottle instead, haha! Hopefully I can run outside again soon so I can post some nicer pictures.

How was your week?
Is healthy eating important to you?
Ever tried meal prepping?

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8 Thoughts on “2 runs and Meal prep

  1. it’s a good thing your grocery store sells your type of sports bra! I probably would have worked out in my normal bra and hated every minute of it!

  2. I don’t do meal prepping very often other than some breakfast stuff for my boys.
    I do like to have a plan/list of recipes for a couple weeks at a time – I make the list when I make my grocery list so I know I have all ingredients on hand.
    Glad you are having some good runs even if they are on the treadmill. I happen to love running on the treadmill.

  3. I cannot imagine working out in a normal bra, it would be so awful! Thank goodness for the grocery store being nearby!

    I am terrible with meal prepping which is why I end up eating the same two or three things in rotation week after week….the upside is I don’t really mind doing that. I like my basic meals, haha

    • Haha, me neither. It’s one of those things I don’t ever want to do. Yes, thank goodness for that! 😀

      Hahahaha I eat the same stuff all the time too! I prefer easy meals – when I’m hungry, I’m hungry and I don’t want to spend forever in the kitchen. If cooking takes to long I’m not hungry by the time it’s done haha.

  4. I always have a challenge getting enough protein in. I like to make shakes in a blender so I can’t really have them a work, but I try to make them after my outside runs 🙂
    It’s great you are getting your runs in 🙂

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