Today was my second interval run with my mom. And it killed! I love how hard this whole interval training thing is. When I run outside I never really do much interval work, I just run whatever speed I feel like so this is pretty new to me. And so far I really enjoy it. We started with a 2 km warm-up run, followed up with a 1 minute walk before we jumped on the 3 min x 5 intervals. My lord, the last interval was pure hell, and when I had 27 seconds left I had to throw in the towel. I know, I know, it was only 27 seconds, I should have been able to finish it – but no, haha! My breathing was insane, it sounded like I was dying or something, people were literally staring at me. Next time I will not stop!
After the insane (to some people this is probably fish sticks and balloons, but to me this was HARD) interval session we finished off with 8 minutes of walking. Then while my mom was doing some stuff for people with muscles, I went to the little “stretching corner” and did my 200 crunches and some stretching. My mom was still doing strong-people-stuff so I started talking with one of my co-workers about what we got for Christmas and what’s going on in our lives and blah blah (this is the gym I work at if you didn’t already know that, and we normally don’t work on the same days). All in all a pretty good day at the gym.
Do you enjoy doing intervals?
What kind of exercise to you do (besides running)?

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12 Thoughts on “Intervals

  1. I utgangspunktet skal vi avslutte med 2 km løp også, men det fikser vi neste gang 😉

  2. I see your treadmill pics and I my stomach gets queasy lol I hate those machines. Because if that I try to do ALL my runs outside 🙂

  3. I love running intervals but only when I’m outside. Last night I did intervals on the treadmill for the first time in a while and I was immediately reminded of why I stopped doing them in the gym. I constantly feel out of control and one step away from disaster!

  4. Omg, I have never tried a real interval in my life. The closest I got an intervalrun was at Agder folkehøgskole, but I have never taken the time. I just listen to a song that got really hyped in the middle, and ran to the speed of that. I don’t think I am able to push myself more than 15 seconds at a time, haha!

    It seems that you’re doing great with the training though! I’m happy for you! 😀

    Besides running (which I never do anymore, haha), I swim. I wish it was some way to listen to music under water, because it gets really boring sometimes. Just back and forth and always with the same view.

  5. I don’t like doing interval runs outside but if I am on the treadmill I always run intervals to keep it interesting!

  6. That’s great that you are starting to switch up your runs and insert more speed work. Intervals are no joke. I typically do them at the track, if I can, but otherwise do them on the treadmill because of the controlled environment. The hardest interval training I do involved hills and speed work combined… OUCH!

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