Weekend workout

Another day, another run. On Thursday I did my very first interval run with my mom. I’ve never felt so dead after intervals haha, best run since the marathon! We’re going to start doing intervals together once a week, and I’m actually looking forward to it. Today we were supposed to do a “long run”. But because I woke up feeling like roadkill we just did an easy paced 60 minute run. And I walked 10 minutes of those 60, sorry not sorry.
It went better than I expected. You know those days where you know everything will go wrong? Well, I though today was one of those, but it wasn’t. Even though I had to do things slow I still managed to get through it and in my mind I had a pretty good workout. Sweated like a penguin on vacation. I was exhausted after the run and could only bother with 100 crunches. Lovely photo of me after the run, I felt as crappy as I look haha!
On a different note: we have snow again. Lots of it! It annoyed the heck out of me, I though spring was just around the corner and I could start running outside again very soon, but no.. So now I’m very thankful for my free gym membership and my mom for always dragging me with her on days I’m not really feeling it haha.

What did you do this weekend?
What’s your favorite songs to listen to while running right now?

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16 Thoughts on “Weekend workout

  1. “only” 100 crunches? are you kidding me? I can do like.. 3? Haha, I think you are awesome, and I love and miss you πŸ˜€

    This weekend I have laid in bed. And watched Pretty Little Liars, trying to get rid of my cold. I can’t actually remember the last time I ran haha. But one of my favourite-song atm in general is “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. πŸ˜€

  2. I’m with Mari, “only” 100 crunches is funny!

    I hope that you start feeling better soon and that the snow goes away quickly (although I wouldn’t mind a little snow down here)!

    Your mom sounds like the best training partner! What a great way to spend time together!

  3. Ugh – sorry you weren’t feeling great!! 60 minutes is awesome though! And, 100 crunches is a LOT!!

  4. 100 crunches!!!! That sounds hard core to me. It is great that you have your mom for a partner in crime!!

  5. Planned long run after interval work, that is crazy. I’m usually so dead after either of those that a shake out run is needed the next day lol.

  6. I’ve never heard the expression “sweated like a penguin on vacation” but I love it!!

  7. You should be seeing that six pack soon πŸ™‚
    Great job on the treadmill run, it’s hard to sty on one that long! You must be flying on your intervals you knocked out some good mileage πŸ˜‰

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