Florence; day 1

I wanted to write this yesterday, but I was honestly too tired to do anything at all. Yesterday was also my brother’s birthday, he turned 20! So happy birthday to my little brother!

After only 40-45 minutes of sleep I got woken up. I had a hard the worst time falling asleep, and the train we were taking to the airport left at 04:22.. So in order to have time to shower, get ready and all those fun things we had to get up extremely early. My dad drove us to the train station and we were on our way!
We got to the airport, delivired our luggage, and went through the security thing. I hate going to the security check thing, I almost always beep or get picked for a “random routine security check” or whatever they call it haha, I hate it! But this time I didn’t beep and they didn’t pick me for their random check – guess it was my lucky day. After spening too much money at the dutyfree we ate our breakfasts and started waiting for our plane. It was still pitch black outside when we got on the plane – which means we get to see the sunrise when we get through those thick clouds, yay!
We had a connecting flight, and our first stop was Munich, Germany.
And then we were on our way to the final destination – Florence, Italy. We flew over the Alps, listened to German people talking, looked at the view, relaxed..
The weather wasn’t all that great when we got to Florence. It had been raining and it was still really grey. It was okay though, I didn’t mind. We got to the hotel, got our keys, unpacked a little, then went out to find the expo.
We walked and walked..
And walked some more.
Seriously, it took forever! But in the end we were finally there. We picked up our bibs and the goodie bag, then browsed through the stands in hope of finding something we could buy. My mom bought a couple things, while I didn’t find anything I wanted. Sad, haha!
We started walking back to the hotel. On the way we stopped at some random bar/cafΓ© to rest our legs and get something to drink. Started walking again.. Realized we should probably find a place to have dinner, and sat down at a pizzeria. I was so hungy and tired at this point – I didn’t even bother looking through the menu and just picked some random pizza I knew I could eat. Pizza, haha! This is not my idea of things to eat before a race, but okay. A pizza had never tasted this good, food had never felt more refreshing, I was starving!
We had been out walking for 6 hours! No wonder our feet and legs hurt. Walking around for so long only 2 days before a marathon is probably not the smartest thing anyone can do.. But what’s done is done. I was just happy to be back at the hotel. I fell asleep while I was trying to write a text to my boyfriend, haha! Here are some of the things we got from the expo. I love that everyone who are running tomorrow got one of these shirts for free! Mine is a bit big, but I don’t mind that at all.
Now we’re going out to find the start area and where to leave our bags tomorrow, just so we don’t have to stress about not knowing anyhing tomorrow before the race. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Marie Alessandra

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6 Thoughts on “Florence; day 1

  1. Your pizza looks delicious – I love mushrooms on my pizza!!!
    So cool that y’all got to fly through the sunrise.

  2. The shirt is so cool! I hope you had a fun race!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love the pictures from the air πŸ™‚ The alps look awesome!! I love taking pictures like that when I am flying. That was a lot walking before you run a race lol Normally I love walking to experience things, but you needed to rest your legs lol The streets and house look so different to me πŸ™‚

    • Thank you πŸ˜€ I love the alps from the air, always a nice sight πŸ˜€
      I know haha, not our best idea..
      I didn’t take pictures of the nice houses, stupid me xD but I though that looked pretty cool.

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