My mom had planned a pretty sweet route for us to run today. I’ve never run there before, and it was really nice with a little change. We drove to a place called ‘Hyggen’, parked the car and started running. The first 30 minutes were pretty nice, I didn’t feel too cold and I didn’t have much trouble with my breathing. My running was good, just ask my mom if you don’t believe me haha! Lovely.
With sub-zero temperatures you’d think I’d have an awful time, but the sun was shining for a while so it didn’t matter too much (at the beginning, that is haha). Most of the run took place on sidewalks, but we we’re lucky enough to get some of it on this lovely little path close to the water aswell. The sidewalks weren’t too bad either though – there was almost no traffic, so we had the road pretty much to ourselves.
After 30 minutes we turned around and started running back to the car (the plan for today was a 60 minute run). This is when I really started to feel how cold it actually was. Dress for the weater, you said? Well, I thought that’s what I did. You learn something every day, and today I learned that I need to start wearing even more layers haha.
I’m a bit annoyed with myself for not wearing enough, but what’s done is done. The last part I thought my fingers were about to fall off, and my red nose made me look like Rudolph haha! But all in all it was a really nice 10 km run.
Honestly, the best part was getting back into the car and turning on the heat haha! Just kidding, I loved the whole run. These temperatures though.. I’m glad the marathon takes place in Italy, if I had to run a race in this temperature I’d probably die. Only 8 days left until the big day now!
What did you do this weekend?
How do feel about cold-weather runs?

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8 Thoughts on “Sub-zero

  1. Look at you frozen gals 🙂 You look bundled up, but that is really cold temps! Your mom has some pretty blue eyes. That place is beautiful!! So peaceful looking, I love the path! We d not have many paths like that here, most are in neighborhoods, so no beautiful views. Your capture of the sun through the trees in the first pic looks like a pro took it 🙂 Love all your pics- keep sharing 🙂

  2. I really love that you run with your mom!!!
    Is she running the marathon with you?
    I don’t run outside when it is cold – I’m a wimp!!

  3. Sub-Zero! I cannot even imagine! I bet once you get running and warm up it’s okay, but I don’t know if I’d be able to take that all important first step outside! haha

    The places you get to run are really beautiful!

    I just read your updated About page! Congrats on quitting smoking and replacing it with running. That’s so awesome and incredible that you were able to go cold turkey! Your mom sounds amazing – when is her triathlon? That’s so cool that your whole family is really into fitness! I wish my family was!

    • It’s really not my thing – I hate the cold so much.. It’s cold if I run, it’s cold if I walk, it’s cold when I sweat, it’s just constantly cold. Makes it so hard to breathe 🙁 If it wasn’t for my mom I’d probably be on the treadmill on the coldest days haha 🙂

      Well thank you 😀 Her triathlon is next fall (in Nice, France).

  4. I’ve ran in those temps a couple times and it is literally breath taking at first! I really don’t mind them too much though after I get started. I think I would take the cold over the intense heat any day!

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