Just what I needed

This has been a tough and messy week, oh my.. I skipped my 90 minute run on Thursday. The whole day was dark and wet – I think the sun pretty much forgot about us that day, then I had my Italian class later in the evening and I just couldn’t be bothered. Afterwards I felt extremely guilty and disappointed in myself, before I realized it wasn’t the end of the world. I probably needed a rest day anyway. I’m glad the next 2 weeks will be a lot easier. No more slacking, ma’am!

I had a hard time getting out the door today aswell. But thanks to my mom (who almost had to drag me out the door with her) I got my 60 minutes. From our backyard we can walk straight up to the old railroad trail, which I absolutely love! Seriously, it’s so beautiful back there when the sun is up, especially in the summer or when it’s covered in snow. We ran to the end of the trail, then back, then turned around and took an extra loop to get the last 15 minutes we needed. At first I was a grumpy potato, but by the end my mood was up and everything seemed a lot better. I think this was the motivaion I needed right now, because all of the sudden I feel a lot more positive about these final 2 weeks (I’ve been such a baby about it lately, you have no idea). No more negative Nelly, I promise!
What motivates you on days you’re struggling?

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5 Thoughts on “Just what I needed

  1. So cool that your mom motivated you and went out there with you to run!!!

  2. I wish I had a good answer! The last three days I have had 0 motivation to run and I’m not sure where it went! That’s awesome that your mom was able to motivate you to get out the door. I need someone to run with so they can drag me out on the days I just don’t feel like it! πŸ˜€

    • Aw, sorry to hear you’re having issues with motivation right now.. Worst feeling ever. I hope you’ll get it back asap πŸ™‚ If I had any ideas on how to get it back I’d throw them in your face hihi πŸ™‚ Maybe you can try watching a video about running? I mean.. When I saw that Desert Runners movie I got back some motivation. Or I can ship my mom down to Florida and get her to help you haha πŸ™‚ Oh if only that was possible..

  3. Oh, I think we all have days like that. Sometimes it’s just hard to get going. Thank goodness you have mom to drag you out “)

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