19 days

And the countdown continues! Today we’re only 19 days away from the big marathon day. While I was out running today it hit me, on Sunday there’s only 2 weeks left! Until now I’ve been thinking “there’s still time blah blah”, but it’s not as much time as I’ve been telling myself haha. I’ve been really good at following my training schedule so I’m hoping I made a good one. Today I ran 10,58 km. It was okay. My legs felt great, but my energy wasn’t all there. Lately I’ve been having extreme night sweats – I’ve literally woken up every morning soaking wet (sorry for over sharing and grossing you out haha!), so I’ve been feeling kind of dehydrated.. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will stop soon, ugh..
On Sunday my mom and I went for a nice long-ish run together. We were pretty lucky with the weather, only a small shower of rain that lasted probably for no more than 5 minutes. It was very windy, but that only makes us stronger (which is what my mom kept telling me every time I started complaining about the wind haha!). We ran a route where we haven’t been running in a while and it was fun running there again. It begins with a trail where there used to be a railroad, then through a small town, then on to the next part of the old railroad trail, over two bridges, through some industrial area next to the fjord, through a tiny neighborhood, then sidewalks all the way back home. It’s a lot nicer than it probably sounds haha. Next time I run there I’ll take more pictures. 15,10 km, following the plan.
How was your weekend?

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12 Thoughts on “19 days

  1. Hi! New reader, clicked over from the Running Schlub’s blog 🙂

    That is so exciting you are training for your first marathon and that it’s so soon! 😀 I hope the night sweats stop! I get those, too. One of the worst (and most confusing, when it happens, ha ha) feelings ever!

    • Well hello there, new reader! 😀 Welcome, welcome! Always nice to see some new faces on the blog 😀
      I know, it’s getting really close now 😀 I didn’t have them tonight, so things are looking bright haha!

  2. 19 days! It is fast approaching! 🙂

    I love all the selfies with you and your mom. She must be a really fun lady to hang out with and to run with! Can I join you guys? Cuz now I really want to!

  3. So cool that your mom runs with you!!!
    You are going to be ready in 19 days!!
    And, I don’t know why you are having night sweats. I know why I have them – hello middle age joys!!!

  4. It comes in no time, those Teri weeks will be fine just like that.

    Your mom is a great coach, stop complaining about the wind you big baby lol.

    Uhh my weekend was both great and discouraging. First ever trail race which is great, but not near the performance I was hoping for which is discouraging. I need your mom to tell me”stop crying about your bad race and train harder” lol

    • Hahaha my mom is the best coach ever :3

      I can see how that is discouraging. But hey, remember it was your first trail race – next time you know what you’re getting yourself into, and the difference will be so much greater. A 20 min improvement is cooler than a 2 minute one, right ;D Hahaha I’ll ship her down to you and make her push you through the desert xD

  5. You and your mom are co cute 🙂 It’s great you train together! The clock is ticking!! exciting 🙂 I love scenery in Norway.

  6. That is so neat that your Mom runs with you! I just came across your blog and I can tell I love it!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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