Running from the winter blues

This week has brought me a little bit of everything. Following my marathon training schedule while trying to avoid being bitten in the butt by the winter blues, wow. It’s a lot harder than you’d think. It gets dark around 4 – 4:30 in the afternoon and it’s affecting me a whole lot. I need sun, there’s no doubt about it. But enough about that.

Wednesday: Wednesday was terrible. It was rainy, cold and windy, and I really didn’t want to go outside. But because I’m trying my best to follow the plan I didn’t really have a choice. So out the door I went.
I’m not sure why I didn’t make any changes to this day. Knowing you have to run for 90 minutes on a day you don’t want to run at all feels kind of drowning. I ended up running for 1 hour and 42 minutes though, but still.. It wasn’t a good run, and I know this is mostly because of how I was feeling. But a bad run is better than no run, and I learned a little something something from it.
Thursday: Yesterday was a better day for me. Even though it was really cold – the sun was shining and I only had to run 10 km. Which made things a whole lot easier than the day before.
I wasn’t the only person outside yesterday, and for once people was actually meeting me with smiles on their faces and some even said ‘hello’. It’s strange how something as simple as that can make someone’s day so much better. When I run I almost always smile like a crazy person to everyone I pass, but I rarely get any smiles back. Guess the universe knew I needed some positive vibes haha.
It really was a lovely day for running. I appreciate every rain free day I can get in November. And even though it doesn’t sound like it right now, going for a run always puts me in a greater mood.
I’m really glad I don’t have to run today, because guess what I woke up to today?! If you said ‘snow’ you’re right. It was snowing. Not a lot, but snow is snow. I should probably get my gym bag ready soon..

Do seasonal changes ever mess with your mood?
Gotten any good runs this week?

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6 Thoughts on “Running from the winter blues

  1. You have some seriously beautiful trails that you run on. I love the picture with all of the red bridges. How long does that trail system stretch and what body of water is that?

    I don’t mind winter weather, but I think it’s because I get excited about wearing layers and pulling out my winter wardrobe. I don’t like to be super hot when I run, so I feel as though I have a lot more control over the temperature in the colder months. Winter weather can be tough when the rain and snow comes, but I always gear up and tell myself that it will make me mentally tough. That is awesome that you were able to power through, even if you weren’t into it

    • I must say I agree (for some reason I feel so weird saying that, almost like I’m being a huge bragger haha), I absolutely love my trails. Thank you 🙂 It’s a river. The part of the trail by the water where I normally run is only 3-4 km I think.. But if I run from *here* and down towards town I’ll get around 10-11km (so down and up would make a nice long run, when I run with my mom we often include this trail in our route – but then i’s up and down). The trail is on both sides of the river, and the one on the other side is longer. Think I read somewhere it was 17km. The river is really long (it’s the 5th longest in Norway – Oh all the random info I share hahah), so if you don’t mind running in the road and on sidewalks after the trails end you can get a really long run here 🙂

      Lucky you haha 😀 I’m with you on the temperature part. The warmest it’s been here lately has been around 5 degrees celsius (41F), and I don’t mind that at all, but once it gets below 0 (32F) I’m not a fan haha. Do you run outside all winter? I think I can manage running in -5 (23F), but anything colder I don’t think I’m up for. I don’t know how the temperatures are in Oregon, but you have cold winters there right? (now I feel stupid haha sorry if my questions are making me sound like a complete idiot..). Do you ever run on treadmills or on any indoor track? Thank youu :))

  2. Seriously always so jealous of your gorgeous pictures and running routes!

    I can almost feel the cold through your photos! Down here it’s starting to warm back up after our couple days of cold. It’s already back to the 85 degrees F / 29 degrees C! Too bad my half marathon couldn’t have been last weekend when it was cooler!

  3. You have some beautiful places to run!! I just run in my neighborhood a lot of the time – pretty boring. Your trail screams please run on me!!!Love it. You are right even though you didn’t feel into it, 1:42:00 is a great run.

    • I know, I’m so glad I have these trails so close 😀 I think I should start running on the other side of the river soon, I’m getting kind of bored with my same old trails now, believe it or not :O Pff, better than nothing though ;D And I’m sure your neighborhood isn’t that boring! 🙂
      I’m just glad I was able to suck it up and keep running that day 🙂

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