Only a month left now

Firenze Marathon is getting so close. November 30th I’ll be running my very first marathon, which means we’re only a month away from the big day. I’m not nervous, not worried, just excited. I think it’s going to be a great way to spend my last day as 21 (yes, my birthday is December 1st, don’t forget it!), and it’s going to be an amazing experience to finally run a full marathon. I haven’t got a training plan for this final month yet, but I’ll start making it later today or tomorrow. It’s only a 4-week plan, so it won’t be too hard. If you have any ideas you would like to share with me I’d really appreciate it. How long my runs should be, how many times a week I should, when I should start tapering, and anything else that can be important.
This week hasn’t been the greatest running week for me so far. On Tuesday I ran a slow 9,20 km run in the dark, and today I ran a slow and messy 10,72 km. But it doesn’t really worry me, as long as I get my runs I’m okay. I had planned to run yesterday, but that didn’t happen. Good thing there’s still time left to turn the week into something great. Hopefully I can get two good runs this week, to make up for the two sloppy ones.
Do you have any more races planned for 2014?
How did you feel before your first marathon?

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10 Thoughts on “Only a month left now

  1. I seriously love all of your pictures so much. I would probably keep coming back to your blog even if you never wrote another word and only posted pictures … but I am glad you write about running too, that’s a really big bonus 🙂

    SO EXCITING that the big day is now only about a month away! I started tapering two weeks out from the marathon. If I remember correctly, I did an 12 mile / 19 k run two weeks out and then an 8 mile / 12 K run the weekend right before!

  2. So cool that you are a month away from your first marathon!!
    And, like Kristina said, love all the pictures – looks like you have a gorgeous place to train!!!

  3. Agree with Kristina, these pictures are a dream for trail runners lol.

    I am the worst person to ask about training plans. I run based on how I feel and completely by effort. Some days all just decide “eh today feels like a 20 mile day” … so bad lol

    Great accomplishment for your birthday, it will be here in no time.

    • Thank youu! 😀

      Haha! Most of the time I’m the same way. But I still like to have a plan to kind of follow, mostly for days where I don’t want to do anything – which will be a common thing for me in November because it’s normally the crappiest month of the year here in Norway (extremely cold, lots of rain, maybe even some random wet snow – ugh, not my cup of tea) Hahahaha that’s too awesome xD If I ever tell myself “today feels like a 20 mile day” I’d be in heaven! One day I’ll be like you! :3

      Perfect day to run a marathon 😀

  4. 28 dager igjen nå…og jeg drar til Frankrike for å sykle. Håper du løper noen fine turer mens jeg er borte. Jeg har med joggesko og løpetøy i kofferten også. Klem mamma

    • Sykt hvor fort tiden går! Om 4 uker har vi løpt et marathon, hærregud liksom 😀 Skal løpe noen fine turer mens du er borte, krysser fingrene for at det ikke blir så kaldt og vått haha 🙂 Håper du får det fint i Frankrike. Glad i deg, mammaen min 🙂 Stor klem <3

  5. So exciting that it is only a month away! I was a bundle of nerves before my marathon because I was dealing with a couple of injuries and I wasn’t sure how race day would go. Just make sure you taper and get plenty of rest before the race! 🙂

    • I know, right?! Can’t believe it’s so close :O 😀
      I would too if I was dealing with injuries..
      Hopefully I’ll taper right, never done anything like this before so haha.. I felt pretty confident about the whole tapering thing until I read something about not running enough during the tapering weeks and blah blah.. Now I’m a bit worried I won’t run enough and rest too much haha help..

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