Sunday runday

Yesterday my mom and I ran our longest run ever!

As part of our marathon training we run a long run together every week. We follow the long runs from one of the marathon plans from Grete Waitz’s “Run your own marathon” book, and this Sunday we were supposed to run 26 km. Somehow we skipped ahead a week or two and ended up running the 30 km instead, because why not.
After eating a big pre-run breakfast and getting ready, we headed out in to the fog. Things started out surprisingly well for me, my mom on the other hand didn’t feel to great in the beginning. But we made it work. Everything went smooth for the first 11 km, then we had to take a short toilet break at this cute little café before we could keep going. 12, 13, 14, 15 – smooth as a cloud. We had to stop here and there every once in a while so I could do some stretching, my legs were getting really stiff, but other than that things were going pretty great.
At 20 km though, things got harder for me. My legs were so stiff, each step got harder and harder. I felt like Pinocchio. Thankfully my mom is the best and she kept me going. Even though we now had to switch to some walk-run-walk-run because of me, things were still positive. Just before we reached 26 km my vision started getting blurry, so we took a short stop at the 7-Eleven half a kilometer later to buy some soda to give me a quick sugar boost. It helped tons. The next 3 km is erased from my memory, but the last km was uphill and brilliant. I think we both were really proud after finishing, I know I was! It took us 3 hours and 36 minutes, and I honestly don’t think that’s too bad. I’m happy!
How did you spend your weekend?
What do you eat/drink during your long runs?

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10 Thoughts on “Sunday runday

  1. Not bad?? That is awesome!! Great run and very cool that your mom is there along with you. Peer support can really help at the end of the run when things are getting tough. Keep up the great work.

  2. What a pretty trail along the road with great mountain views it looks like! I’m jealous!

    Congrats to you and your mom on the 30K in amazing time – especially running up a hill during the last kilometer!!!!

    During a long run training run I usually just drink water but I eat Honey Stinger Chews 🙂 On race day I’ll drink whatever electrolyte drink the aid station offers and eat my chews!

    • Thank you! 😀 I’m so happy I was able to do this run. Now I feel a bit lot more prepared for the marathon distance 😀
      What are chews? I have tried gels, but they just make me sick so idk.. I need to find something else I can try. Seems like the only thing they have in Norway are gels, so I’m trying to find something I can order online.
      I love the view from that road 😀 It’s nicer when it’s not so foggy though, so hopefully I’ll man up and do some more uphill running so I can post some nice photos from a run from those hills haha.

  3. Congratulations that is awesome!! During my long runs I tend to stick to water and I like eating candy for energy. Gummy bears are awesome for giving me the extra boost needed to get through a run!

  4. Børge on October 21, 2014 at 7:57 pm said:

    I’m very impressed! Think about it: 15 months ago you smoked 20 sigarettes a day and got exhausted if you walked just one stair. In one month from now you’re running Marathon! See you in Berlin half Marathon in March. I guess you will easily beat me then. 🙂

    • Haha kommer nok aldri til å klare å løpe like fort som deg (ikke enda hvertfall), men er bare å vente og se 😉 Er ganske spent på å se hvordan Martin gjør det i Berlin, får jo hele tiden høre at han er rask. Blir morro, gleder meg! 🙂

  5. You have some pretty views along your run route! Great job on the long run, I agree you did really well on time. I am not a big eater or drinker on runs, I just try to get through it and tell my self i can have water when it’s over. If I drink too much I will get a cramp.

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